Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Hair, Mystery Food, and Write ALL the things!

What have I been up to the last couple weeks?

the Poopsmith he could talk
and Marzipan would rock

No, no. That's not what I've been up to.  But if you get the reference without clicking the link, I love you.  Here's what  I've really been up to:

1) I got my hair cut!  This might not normally be huge news, but I haven't had my hair cut in almost a year (since March 2011).  OK, I did get my bottom ends and my bangs trimmed once, but that was by someone from one of the salons in my hometown, and the lady didn't really cut my hair so much as she just ran scissors over the ends and styled my bangs on the opposite side of my face that they normally go for the hell of it.  So this Thursday, with the 'rents' help (I am still so poor), I went to see the stylist I've been going to for over four years: Amanda at Moxie in Uptown.  The woman is magic, people.  I don't recall a time I've ever felt less than thrilled about the cuts/styles she's given me, and she gives pretty great head massages, too.  She even showed me a new way to give my kind-of-wavy-but-mostly-straight hair some fun body by using my flat-iron.  Neat!

I'm also going to be treating myself to some color.  Initially, I'd made an appointment with the Aveda Institute to have someone give me regular color extensions made out of human hair, but then I realized there are a ton of people on Etsy who sell colored feather extensions.  That may sound weird and either kind of hippie-esque or maybe kind of Ke$ha-esque, but I can assure you that they're awesome.  As long as you use real feathers, you can wash, blow dry, curl, and straighten them--just like your actual hair.  And they're relatively sustainable, being real feathers and all.  So anyway, I bought two different-colored feathers and asked the seller I bought them from (who's also named "Alison" :O) to bond them together for me.  To my understanding, she shipped them out Friday, so hopefully I'll get them sometime next week and be able to show you how cool my funky hair/feathers are.

Thanks Amanda! It looks awesome.

The two colors of feathers I'm getting.  I'm not getting whole chucks, though (the pictures are misleading)--I'm just getting one feather in each color.

2) Yesterday, there were a couple bagels in my Japanese classroom.  They weren't from my class, but the last few times there have been bagels in the classroom, some of my classmates have taken them with them for lunch with no negative health effects.  Well, I was hungry yesterday, and all I'd brought for lunch was oatmeal, so I figured, hey, I should take a bagel, too!  I did.  I ate it.  I got sick. 
It wasn't very sick, but I felt just crappy enough immediately after lunch that I had to wonder whether I should have eaten the mystery food I randomly found in my Japanese classroom.  

3) I've been writing.  A LOT.  Last Monday, I had a final project proposal due for my WRIT 8550 class, and this Wednesday, there's a short paper due in COMM 5615.  But if that weren't enough on top of weekly readings and, of course, Japanese (nbd, it just takes up several hours of my studying time each night) (and teaching AND T.A.-ing...), the submission deadline for my yaoi paper is also this Wednesday.  For those who haven't been following my paper submission escapades, the "yaoi" paper I'm submitting to this journal (they liked my abstract and asked to see the full paper, which is a good sign but I'm not in the clear yet) is a re-do of my "gay porn manga" paper from summer URGO 2010.  Because the journal I'm submitting to is actually a special issue of the journal focusing on yaoi specifically, I had to take out all the stuff about yuri and supplement that with more yaoi analysis.  Make sense?  Anyway, submitting to journals is pretty stressful and time-consuming stuff, and in my opinion, this one's easier than most because (to my knowledge--I hope to god I'm not missing this somewhere) they don't require any specific kind of citations (Chicago style can go die a painful, fiery death).  
So...yeah. A lot of writing.  

Clearly, I've been up to a little bit more than getting my hair cut, foolishly eating mystery food, and writing, but...not much.  Such is the life of a grad student.