Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy birthday, The Legend of Zelda; I'm going to the Zelda Symphony Concert

On this February the 21st of the year 2012, I’m celebrating the birthday of the original Japanese release of The Legend of Zelda game with this story:

As I was leaving Japanese class, I received a text from my boyfriend: “Working on YOUR bday now :).” The last couple months, I’ve been teasing him with the knowledge that I’ve been excitedly planning his March birthday for a while, and that he will never guess what I’m getting him as a gift. So his text was just a way to tease me about his developing plans for my April birthday.

I got back to my office, opened up my computer, and while I was eating some yummy strawberry oatmeal, I perused Twitter and the general internets. I realized today is the anniversary of the original release of The Legend of Zelda game, and I was reminded that I’d been following the developments of the Zelda Symphony concerts to see whether or not they’d add a stop close to Minneapolis, where I live.

Sure enough, on the bottom of the page, I saw it: “September 22nd, Minneapolis, MN, Orpheum Theater.” I clicked the “Buy now” button just to be sure it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t.

I LOST MY MIND. In case you didn’t know, I love the LoZ series so much I got it tattood on my forearm.

I tweeted something about peeing my pants (in all-caps, of course) and then Gmail-chatted my boyfriend, yelling, “JACOB. IT’S CONFIRMED AND I’M CRYING. OMG I NEED TO GO. I NEED. JACOB. I NEED.”

Jake replied, “SO….theres no way I can really keep your b-day present a surprise..,” and I basically started crying: “NO. NO WAY. NO WAY. OMG. WHAT. NO WAY. OMYFUCK. I JUST DIED OF HAPPINESS. PLEASE. WHAT.” He confirmed it, and I floated away on a cloud made of excitement and love.

So, there’s my “Happy birthday, Legend of Zelda” story. Cute/amazing, no?

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