Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts on my bigger captive bead nostril ring, customer service

The other day, I finally pulled the trigger (my apologies for the violent metaphor) and went to Steady (Tattoo and Axis Piercing) and got my nostril ring changed out.  The one I had in my nose had been there for a couple years (I was originally given a stud, but later graduated to a captive bead ring), and it was starting to smell (Jake tells me the smell is actually from the dead skin in my nose, which is pretty gross).  Not to mention it wasn't totally snug against my skin, so often, the bead would slide down into my nostril and I'd have to awkwardly dig it out again (I'm not picking my nose, people!).

So anyway, I went to Axis (now just Steady) and got a new captive bead ring put in.  This one's much more snug against my nose, which means it doesn't move around.  The thing is, though, the ring both feels and looks like it's a smaller gauge (a smaller gauge means a bigger size in jewelry).  My nose has been a little sore for a couple days, but I've had my nostril pierced for about four years now, so luckily there's little chance of it becoming infected.

One last thought: I won't name names, but my changing-out-my-nose-ring experience at Axis/Steady was much less friendly than any of my experiences at Saint Sabrina's.  I think the man who was sitting behind the desk when I came in (he also changed out my ring) was trying to be chill and casual, but it came off as being lazy and annoyed.  I mean, listen.  Maybe he had a sixth-sense that told him I'd been to piercing places enough to know generally what's going on.  But even that doesn't make it OK to give off the air that I should just figure everything out, including what I should get stuck in a hole in my nostril next, all by myself.  Customer service, people!  It doesn't matter if you offer customers a better deal on your services and products if they don't feel like they're getting as much positive personal attention as they do other places.
Nonetheless, I do plan on giving them another chance by purposely scheduling my appointment (see: walk-in) when the other piercer is working.  Axis/Steady's prices are much more affordable for me, so it'd be a shame to give them up based off just one mediocre experience.

Anyway, here's the finished product.  It's literally the same thing design I used to have--only bigger and a better-fit.

P.S. I still highly recommend Steady--and especially Roger--for tattoos.  I fainted about halfway through getting the first bit of my tattoo done, and I remember waking up to artists running around getting me water and sugar.  Very concerned, polite, talented people there.  :)

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