Monday, January 23, 2012

リラックマについてスピーチ (Speech about Relax Bear)

I returned to Japanese class today after missing Friday's class due to a dentist appointment (btw, having medical/dental facilities literally a block from my office is seriously convenient) and found out that I missed the day everyone got to sign up for one-minute-speech dates. The only spot that was left was...this Wednesday. UM OK NO BIG DEAL I'll just pull this outta my butt and somehow memorize it by Wednesday.
If you have experience with Japanese and want to offer feedback, please do. I can't change anything (it's against course policy to have a native-speaker check one's work before handing it in), but I would appreciate the learning opportunity anyway. For my non-Japanese-using friends, I've provided nifty English translations.

My name is Alison Rapp. I'm (going to) talk about Rilakkuma (Relax Bear).
Four years ago during the summer, I was an international student in Japan.  There, I learned about Relax Bear.  Relax Bear is a very popular bear in Japan.
As a matter of fact, Relax Bear is a bear in a bear suit. Interesting and cute, right? Relax Bear sleeps, eats, and likes resting.
One day, while I was on a stroll in Ikebukuro, I saw Relax Bear taking pictures with children outside an arcade!  Because I love Relax Bear, I said, "Would it be OK if I took a picture, too?"  Now, because I have a picture with Relax Bear, I'm happy and like to show it off.
Someday, I hope you can go to Japan and meet Relax Bear, too!

Edit: In response to my classmate thinking I shooped this photo, I just want to clarify that this is a real picture of me and Rilakkuma, and yes, I had black/brown hair from my senior year of high school until my second year of college. :)

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