Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Ten-Minute Foray into the Ocarina of Time Minecraft Remake

It shouldn't come as a surprise (at least not to those of you who play or are familiar with Minecraft), but there's currently a thing called the "Hyrulecraft Project," and it's a full Ocarina of Time world made in Minecraft. It's currently in a live public alpha testing phase, and there are parts of the OoT world not yet completed (Dodongo's Cavern, for example, is closed off by a wall of glass), but I spent about ten minutes exploring what I could tonight (grad student = early bedtime), and I thought I'd share some screenshots.

 Kakariko Village

 This sign gets me every time. EVERY TIME.

 Goron City

Fairy Fountain (Death Mountain Crater)

Like I said, the world's not totally completed yet, and there are no NPCs, items, and so on, AND I spent only about ten minutes exploring it tonight, but it's definitely still worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of the game (either one, I guess).  There's just something about walking around a Hyrule that looks like it's made out of Legos...

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