Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carl the cat, boyfriand, Minecraft, and other things

Several people have censured me for neglecting my trusty blog-steed, No, I Am a Cat, so here's a much-needed (and much-deserved) update on my life (complete with images--because, really, what is my blog without images?).  For those who follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, you may already know a good deal of this:

  • I'm still dating Jakey-poo (or "Jake", as I like to call him on normal days, OR "Jacob Dean Nelson-Johnson," as I like to call him when he's being a stinker).  He's pretty great.  Did you know he's graduating this year from Augsburg College?  With a B.A. in Film because he's a a bad-ass. 
  • I still drop f-bombs like it's nobody's business because I believe that words are just words, and when you censor them, they retain their power.  Also because the word "fuck," when properly placed, is more comical than anything.
  • Grad school is HARD, yo--but so damn cool.  I rocked last semester, too.  I took Japanese S/N (P/F, for you Auggies), but even with that de-motivating factor, I still managed an A-.  Which definitely isn't easy with Japanese at UMN.  This semester, I'm taking the second semester of Intermediate Japanese (JPN 3022/4004), COMM 5615: Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism, and...another class I haven't picked yet.  I was originally signed up for a course with our awesome DGS, but I went to the first class today and decided it might be a little too foundational for me, so instead, I'm considering this biggun: WRIT 8550: The Body as Text and Context in Law, Public Policy, and Medicine.  
  • Jake and I played a LOT of Minecraft since we got it in October.  If you haven't played Minecraft, but liked Legos as a kid (or hell, even if you didn't like Legos as a kid), YOU NEED TO PLAY MINECRAFT.  Trust me on this.
  • I also have Skyward Sword (thanks, Mom and Bob!).  Its awesomeness needs no further explanation.
  • I went to Honolulu to present my undergrad International Relations thesis (on child pornography laws and cultural imperialism of media/sexuality norms) at the Japan Studies Association Conference.  I got a ton of really positive feedback, so I've come back fired up to continue studying pornography and media law.  
  • Teaching is BOSS.  I don't even care what happens to me in life.  I could become a zebra (I hope at least some of you catch that reference) for all I care--as long as I get to teach on the side, I'll be happy.
  • I have a cat named Carl and he is probably the greatest.  Except for when he drinks...and when he poops.  It's, like, his momma-cat never taught him good manners: He's always sloshing his water around (he used to tip his bowl over constantly, before Jake bought him an un-tippable bowl), and he doesn't seem to understand that the reason there's cat litter in his box is so he can cover up his poop.  What a lazy sack of crap.  


Me, Carl, Jake, Maggie, and Bob

I love my friaaaandz



Not all of Honolulu looks like this, but it's impressive that even a part of it does (Waikiki).  It's like a fake place, it's so beautiful.  I even swam in the ocean!...and got stung/scratched/bit by mystery creatures.

Ok, people.  Go live your lives.  And for the goddess' sake (SKYWARD SWOOOOORD), follow me on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-in-the-hizzouse with all my business.

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David Lapakko said...

"Studying pornography"--ah yes, we academics can say something like that with a straight face because it's a form of "scholarship"! Hmm. Maybe it's time to do some more "research"!

And thanks for the update--we miss you.