Monday, October 3, 2011

My Desk at UMN

Ever wondered what my desk at UMN looks like?

My desk as a whole.  I have two deep drawers and one long, shallow one, three scarves on top to add some color, and since the filing cabinet is next to me, I have a little bit more surface area to work with (my bike helmet usually goes there).

On the left side of my desk: The lamp my parents bought me (sometimes it gets dark in the office, and few people like the overhead lights)--with the tiny Korean flag (you can't really see it in this pic) one of my students made my class for her informative speech, a photo frame containing my Cold War Kids ticket (Jake took me to the concert for our first date), and two Pokemon figures: Reshiram and Pikachu.

My bookends.  The only books in there at the moment are Professional Development During Your Doctoral Education (written by my awesome adviser/dep't chair, Ed Schiappa), and the books I was supposed to use for my ALL 8001 course, before I dropped it in favor of an independent study.

On the right side of my desk: A fake plant (all my real ones, which I've miraculously kept alive for a while, knock on wood, are at home), a tissue box (I have bad fall allergies/a cold), a frame containing one of the weird cat postcards I got in Japan, a Rilakkuma notepad, a Ren Fest mug, some tea, some Japanese candy, a couple Pokemon cards (which I use as bookmarks), and my lucky duck.  My lucky duck helped me rock swimming sub-sections back in ninth grade (I got the duck as a secret-swimmer present, I think from Taryn Brown), and get my Augsburg President's Scholarship.  He's since lost his luck, but I still keep him around.

From left to right, starting at the top: Tech desk, Sanrio's Shinkansen, Link, gay love, Sanrio's My Melody, The Nightmare Before Christmas' Lock, Shock, and Barrel, and Sanrio's Cinnamoroll.

I dig it.

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