Friday, May 13, 2011

Holy shit (Part 1)

A LOT of stuff has happened in the last month.  So much, that it'd take me several hours to explain it all.  In lieu of a text-heavy post(s), here are a crap-ton of pics.  This is Part 1.

Per buckled in and on his way up to Milaca for Easter weekend.

Per snuggling with his bamma (my mom).

Per with his butt in his bamma's face.

Dyeing eggs.

Mah green egg.


Raggedy old Sadie.


I climbed my favorite tree! And wrecked my leggings.  :/

Me and Per-bear.

Per-bear watching Maggie chase her tennis ball.

Peanut Butter Avengers! Makin' peanut butter 'n' jelly sammiches for the homeless!

We made so many sammiches in such a short amount of time, we won first and third place.

We're goofy.

In case you haven't been able to tell, I'm the crazy chick with the pink hair.

President Pribbenow with pie in his face.

Fred with a creeper stache and really short cutoffs.

I won the award for Best Article in the Augsburg College Honors Review (my int'l relations thesis, "Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws")!  Look at this sweet clock they gave me!

Bob Groven gave this to me.  The Spirit of Pokemon Award!  

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