Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chicago + random pics

Because I have such a wicked backlog of posts (I need to blog about the HON 490 Chicago trip and my tattoo/birthday), I'm just going to dump a bunch of pictures on y'all and call it good.  This post is mostly of the Chicago trip.  If you're looking for pics/info on my tattoo/birthday, look to a future post.


OK, so I've already blogged about my sissy's wedding, but she just posted this pic on FB last night, and I LOVE it, so I'm sharing it here, too.  
From left to right: Sissy Aimee, Sissy Cherish, and me.

Sitting in a really low chair at a really high table/at Hard Times with Jake Johnson.

All I can say is: The Megabus is SO sketch.  The "station" is just a random parking lot downtown, and when one of the busses got stuck in the snow, its driver stepped out and asked the HON 490 men to help push it.  Yeah.  Right.  Push a double-decker bus.  Good fucking luck.

The lobby of our very un-sketch hostel, about four blocks from the Art Institute of Chicago.

I've always wanted a bunk bed!

Allison and Bethany at the Greek restaurant we went to Thursday evening.

FISH SKELETONZ.  Seriously.  The skeletons from my smelt dinner.  I love smelt.

In Chinatown with my new "Honest Pig," Engrish tote.  


Beau walkin' around the U of Chicago.

Saw this in a bookstore.  Lol-ed (we got to read this for class - FANTASTIC book, by the way).  

Veggie chili fries.  YES.

The Art Institute of Chicago.  Honestly, its collection was comparable to MIA's.  So that either means that the Art Institute of Chicago's collection is mediocre, or that MIA's collection is undersold.  I'm sure it's a little of both.

A light exhibit inside the Art Institute.  

 A Frank Lloyd Wright-remodeled interior.  


A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home.

Inside a church on the U of Chicago's campus.

MOAR FRIES.  Wanna know how many helpings of fries I ate in two weeks?  SEVENTEEN.  

Um, wut?

Oh, Andrew Fox.

The lovely flowers Sissy Cherish and New Brudda Evan sent me for my birthday!

The very kind postcard my friend Justin sent me.  He's studying in Germany/everywhere!



The cuuuuute things (cottonfood and yaoi doujinshi) my bff Rrrca (Erica) brought me back from Anime Detour.  My friend Katelyn got me a frickin' sweet Legend of Zelda magnet, too, but I forgot to take a picture of it. D:

Josh's "lunch." 

Oh, silly Japanese textbook.

The pig/horse (porse? hig?) pencil topper Katelyn gave me.

I love life.


~Justin said...

That looks like such a fun time, I love Chicago!! Glad you liked my postcard!

Hina ~ said...

Hi, cool pictures! ^^
I saw a picture of you, with an anti-eyebrow piercing... a post that you did... Did it hurted? x.x' I want to put one, but i'm searching about it first ^^ and, infections, this kinda things... happened? :x
i already have a nostril piercing, just like you ^^
I liked the blog (:

Mnemosyne said...

Hi there! It didn't hurt any worse than getting my nostril pierced. It did, however, reject after about six months, so it had to come out. THAT hurt, and now I have two scars on my face. D: