Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It Looks Like a Wiener with Teeth - Pics from My Weekend


This was IN my face.
I spent part of my Thursday afternoon at Saint Sabrina's, getting my anti-eyebrow piercing out.  It had started rejecting a couple weeks ago, and once a piercing starts rejecting, you need to get it out ASAP to avoid any serious scarring.  My piercer told me I'll probably have small scars, but nothing too crazy. I already have pretty substantial scar tissue where the holes were, and since that whole area is still pretty irritated/mad at me, the tissue is red, and looks sort of pimply.  Whatevs, I'll deal!  It was fun while it lasted.  

I skipped Japanese class on Friday (Augsburg was on spring break last week, but St. Thomas, where I take Japanese, wasn't, so I gave myself a personal day; I am not ashamed!), and here's what I missed: Hilarious and adorable drawings of our entire class (yes, we have only seven students in our upper-level Japanese course).  I think the person (cat?) on the top is supposed to be our TA, あゆさん (Ayu-san).  Then, starting in the second row, it goes: 先生 (Sensei - Professor), Katelyn, me, Ben, Danny, Lauren, Emily, and Kalia.

I've started wearing my big purple nerd glasses almost constantly, because the bottom part of the frame rests directly over the holes in my face/scars.  And check out my U of M sweatshirt! So pumped to be a Golden Gopher!

I went up to Milaca for the weekend.  First thing I did? Went to the Drive In, my favorite eating establishment in the whole wide world, with Bob.  I had a chicken bacon ranch wrap, and, of course, CHIVE FRIES. :D
I forgot to take my customary picture of my food/the menu, so this picture I stole off the interwebz will have to do.

After we got back from the Drive In, I took Mom's new four-wheeler out to the field across the road and tooled around for about an hour.  The snow/muck (muk, for those Pokemon-inclined readers)/several-feet-deep-puddles made it so I had to go 30 mph just to whip donuts.  That is, I had a fucking blast.  I did get stuck in the ditch twice (how was I supposed to know that there were puddles up to my waist below the snow?), but even having to get pulled out was kind of fun.

I wore Jake Johnson's hipster shades while messing around out in the field and got them all muddy.  Whoops.  :)

Since I took my four-poster bed from Milaca down to my apartment, my parents gave me their queen-size pillow-top mattress and bought me a pretty new comforter!  

Ernie the kitty-cat slept on my bed Saturday morning.

Maggie, my family's poodle, resting her head on my tummy.  Adorable.

I've played a lot TWEWY in the past week.  Joshua and Neku totally have a yaoi thing going on.

The homemade lasagna I made for my parents Saturday night.  I used Chuck meat!  FYI, Chuck was a real cow.  His name was Chuck.  He drank only warm water and played with Bob.  I can't make this stuff up.

My birthday isn't until April 2nd, but since I'm going to Chicago next weekend (for HON 490), and I'll be in the cities (see: the Twin Cities, for you non-MN folks) the weekend of the 2nd, we celebrated my turning twenty-two-years-old early.  Mommy made me confetti cake (a staple Ali Rapp b-day cake).  AND she put my favorite clown-candle-thingies on it!  


Photo Booth fun with the 'rents.

Ernie made himself comfortable in the pile of tissue paper left over from my presents.  Among other super-cool things, my parents gave me zebra-print sheets, and 11x17 Tron and Sleeping Beauty posters.  So pumped!

Per being sleepy and adorable during the car ride back to St. Paul.

On Sunday night, a bunch of us went to the Trylon to see Orson Welles's Touch of Evil, which co-stars Charlton Heston as a Mexican (hilarious, right?!).
I didn't take this photo, either.  Thanks, internet!
And thanks, Jake, for the ticket.  :)

Oh yeah.  I suppose I should explain the bizarre title of this post.  Well, Mom and Bob and I watched Alien on Saturday night, and when the baby alien burst out of the one guy's chest, my mom said, "I'm sorry, but it looks like a wiener with teeth."  I almost died.


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