Saturday, January 22, 2011


That's pretty much how I feel.

Winter break was awesome.  Remember that one heartfelt, almost painful post, "I'm a Cylon?" Well, I pretended that whole last semester didn't happen, and had the most amazing winter break ever.  What did I do?  A whole lotta nothin' (and by "nothin'," I mean playing video games, reading, and eating) for a few weeks, and then I partied in NYC for a few days.

You don't even know how jealous you should be of my winter break.

Here are some pics:

Check out all this sweet stuff I got with Christmas money/gift cards!  LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOOKS!  And yes, that is a Kingdom Heart shirt.

The Slytherin scarf Mitch's sister, Kristi, crocheted for me.

The totally gorgeous dress I got to wear for my sister's wedding (more wedding pics to follow).

Heck yes.  Leftover angel food cake from our dinner with Kristen, Mark, and Harper.  

You know this is the coolest shirt you've ever seen. 
I got it at Nintendo World in Rockefeller Center.

I played a crap-ton of video games.  Especially Birth by Sleep, informally known (at least, chronologically) as Kingdom Hearts 0.  

I went to Video Games Live for the second time in a year (thanks for coming to Minneapolis so often, Tommy Tallarico!).  And thanks, Tony, for coming with!

The grass-growing kit I got in my stocking.  The grass is already dead.  I am so bad with plants, I killed grass.

You bet your money I got Zelda underpants for Christmas.

I also got these for Christmas.  

Losing my shit in Nintendo World.

Barnabee, my Pillow Pet, in the NYC subway.

The Manhattan Penthouse, top floor, where my sister got married.  The Empire State Building was in clear view from the penthouse's windows.

Mitch, Evan, Cherish, and me, at the wedding.
BTW, their cake was made by a cake-maker with a reality show.  So they filmed parts of the wedding.  I had/got to sign a release form so I could also be on TV.  WICKED.

Me, Mitch, my sister Aimee, my brother-in-law Ryan, my cousin's friend, and my cousin Hillary, at a bar in Union Square.

So, yeah.  Be jealous of my winter break.  Be very jealous.

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solaria said...

fabulous i think i enjoyed my winter asmuch as you did minus the slytherin scarf (gryffindor forever) but to each their own :) i hope the rest of your year is just a enjoyable