Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Ride the competition" - Milaca football team's advertising fail

The Milaca High School football team has made it to the Minnesota state tournament for the first time ever (or so I hear, correct me if I'm wrong).  Regardless, nobody can remember a time when the football team made it to state, so I guess that's as good as never having gone.

Anyway, the team had a multi-page advert of sorts in the Mille Lacs County Times, our hometown newspaper.  It featured player bios, stats, and other things I can see people who care about football caring about.

But what really struck me about the advert was what it said when folded in half (which is how the advert comes originally in the Mille Lacs County Times).

Here's the advert's full cover.  Nothing wrong with it, right?  Looks good, pack pride, rah rah, yada yada yada.

Now here's the advert folded in half, as one would see it when first opening the paper.

DEAR LORD, WHAT?  We need to...ride...the competition?

And that, my friends, is bad editing/hilarious.


Andrew said...

in all reality, plow through the competition is just as bad

Mnemosyne said...

Haha! Good point.

~Justin said...

It is pretty bad, haha. In fact, it's kinda funny because this years whole them for the team (I know because my brother is a captain) was to be as big of hicks and they could possibly be. They all had bad hair, wore cowboy hats and boot and flannel, and spoke like country bumpkins. So, it's basically just small town....all around badness.