Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October in pictures

Minus the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, which I covered here, in "Interesting meatloaf: Quotes and pictures from the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference."

Driving through Milaca.

Mommy made us waffles!  I heart my parents.

 Sitting in bed, watching Saturday morning cartoons.

I spent some time outside, enjoying the fall colors.

I took Per out to the woods.  He acted like a dumb-ass.  

My heart is here.

My supervisor and friend, Carrie Carroll, has two daughters.  They made me hair bows.  HAIR BOWS! You know how much I love hair bows. 

And Deb Hutterer, Executive Director of Faith in the City (her mailbox is in the Comm. Studies office), gave me a bag of candy!  I ate all the fruits snacks in about five minutes. People at Augsburg are so nice to me.  ^^

I made my friend, Jake, gingerbread cookies (per request) for his birthday (which is today).  Can you find the dead gingerbread man?

Speaking of Jake, he took me on an adventure to a wooded area near the river (that's the Mississippi River, for all you non-Minneapolis folk).  We climbed down a cliff-type-thing to get to the trails.  It was epic.  I cut my hand on a sharp rock, but it wasn't anything a Hello Kitty bandage couldn't fix.

Kingdom Hearts Silly Bandz? WUT?
Note the pet hair (curse you, Per!).

Per in his new Halloween costume.  I think it's actually a pair of doggie pajamas, but he doesn't know that.

Per snuggling in the middle of the couch pillows, a fleece blanket, and Mitch's shirt.  He really could not have picked a worse spot (all that fur, ugh!).

I've been carrying my Pokewalker around.  I do so much walking, I figured it was about time for me to take advantage of this extremely nerdy pedometer that came with my HeartGold cartridge.  Wanna know how it works? Well, I transfer one of the Pokemon from my HeartGold file to the Pokewalker via WiFi.  The Pokemon shows up in my Pokewalker, and with each step I take, the Pokemon collects "watts."  After I have x number of watts saved up, I can use the "dowsing machine" and look for items, or I can try to catch wild Pokemon in the grass.  I can even play with other people's Pokemon, stored in their Pokewalkers!  Baller, I know.

Guess who's going to Video Games Live again? Guess.
Answer: This girl.  And check out my seat!  Second row!  That's even better than my seat last year (in the fifth row).  

October rocked. Fer real.

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JapanCinema said...

I can't wait until Video Games Live comes back to Austin, it was an amazing experience. I even picked up the blu-ray concert dvd. Good Stuff, sounds like you had a rockin' month.