Monday, November 22, 2010

November (so far) in pictures


My family's cat, Ernie, was fascinated by my mom's new aquarium.  He kept pawing at the glass where the fish were.

Since the International Relations Keystone is starting to utterly destroy me and the other students taking it, we've decided to bring baked goods and other comfort foods to each class period.  I baked oatmeal raisin cookies.  They were a big hit.  :)

Kristen and I showed up wearing basically identical outfits one day.  Seriously.  We were both wearing jeans, brown boots, long sleeved mustard yellow shirts, and a necklace.  I was missing the scarf, but we still did pretty well for not planning it.  

Saw this at the grocery store.  Thought of Kyo (HEART! Kyon-Kyon!) from Fruits Basket

I came home from one of my night classes to find hot lefse waiting for me.  Mitch is THE BEST.

A slightly Myspace-esque pic of me on the ACTC bus.  I was definitely dressed like a badass that day.  Leopard print, leather, and bright red lipstick?  My clothes, together with my piercings, made me your grandma's worst nightmare.

Aren't these the cutest monkey socks you've ever seen? From Claire's.  Don't judge me.

Mitch woke me up on the car ride to Milaca so I could see this gem of a truck.  Ah, the US of A.

It snowed!

Per's unsure face.  He actually loves the snow.  I like to kick some powder up in the air and watch him try to pounce on it.

The most ginormous pancakes I've ever tried to eat.  From the Bad Waitress, where my friend Greg and I had breakfast.

I think this picture puts them in better perspective.  They were literally bigger than my head.  Ridiculous.

Ping pong out in the lobby.  The table belongs to my roommate Tony.  Some crabby lady walked by and told us to stop playing in the lobby, but she was a bitch and had no authority to tell us to get out of a common area, so we ignored her.

On to Thanksgiving, yo!

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