Friday, November 5, 2010

Meeting Guerrilla Girl Frida Kahlo

Tonight, I met Guerrilla Girl Frida Kahlo.

The Guerrilla Girls are a group of feminists based out of New York.  They've been around since the 80s, challenging prominent museums to recognize the contributions of women (and women of color) and include more of their work in their exhibits and general collections.  The women who comprise the Guerrilla Girls all wear gorilla masks out in public (when they're doing work for the Girls) and take the names of dead female artists.

The Guerrilla Girl who goes by the name Frida Kahlo came to Augsburg today and spoke to a large crowd in Foss Chapel.  After the presentation and Q&A, she was available for book signing/photos. 

I asked her a question during the Q&A.  I wanted to know why, if the Guerrilla Girls espouse LGBT rights, they haven't done more poster campaigns demanding fair representation of LGBT artists.  I think I offended Frida a little, who told me to check out their book Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers (a book about female stereotypes, which I have read, for my Legend of Zelda research last year).  I apologized when I met her personally at the book signing.  I think it went well.

I'm not the world's staunchest defender of the Guerrilla Girls (their books contain multiple spelling/grammatical errors, and aren't really written for people already relatively well-versed in gender/feminist studies), but I appreciate their hard work.  Apparently all of them have day jobs, and just do Guerrilla Girls stuff on the side.  Who else can say they've become internationally famous feminists in their spare time?

The crowd filling into the chapel.
P.S. Sorry about the super crappy quality of these pics.  Usually, my phone's camera works well (enough), but the lighting in Foss has always given me trouble (even on my real camera), and almost all the pictures I've ever taken here have turned out extremely poorly.  Don't judge me.

My bestie Alan up front, pretending to be one of the Guerrilla Girls in a skit.

Me with Frida after she signed my book.

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