Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ta-da! My anti-eyebrow piercing!

After a crrrraaazzyyy 30th and a morning spent shoveling food and water into my mouth, I headed over to St. Sabrina's (where I got my nose piercing, two years ago) in Uptown with my friend Jake (heart!) to get a metal bar jammed under my skin.

It sounds a lot more painful than it actually is.  When I got my nose pierced, I was SUPER jittery.  Not this time!  It probably helped that Jake was squeezing my hand.  :)
Anyway, Nate, my piercer, inserted the metal bar (a flat one) under my skin, and attached two studs to each end. 

This type of piercing's a little bit more risky than some other kinds (like nostril piercings) because there's a higher chance of rejection (your body saying, "NOPE! Take it out!" and flipping a shit/infections), and migration (when the piercing starts movin' around), but it should be OK.  I'm going back to St. Sabrina's in a month so Nate can make sure the piercing's not doing anything crazy.

In the meantime, I'm diggin' it.  It's a little sore, but honestly, the canker sore on the left side of my mouth is more sore than the piercing.  I'm guessing that'll change once I start applying a paper towel soaked in saline solution to it.  Nate said it's common for people with this kind of piercing to get a black eye, too.  Bad-ass!

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