Friday, October 29, 2010

Interesting meatloaf: Quotes and pictures from the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

  • "I feel sad for the millions of people who're going to die, but global warming's looking pretty good to me." -Bob
  • "I got hit in the head with a shovel." –Katie  
  • "And my sister once bit through her tongue." –David  
  • "Stretching the muslins." "Do you also burn the Qur'an?" -David and Bob  
  • "It's not really a problem to break someone's knee." –Katie  
  • "I usually don't quote myself." –me  
  • "Why did I think you had two kids with you last year at the Honors banquet?" "You were on acid?" -David and Bob  
  • "I worked at a summer camp. And I had a machete." –David  
  • "You should've let us know you were coming into town." -Local on the bus  
  • "Did you know that Greek people taste like pineapple?" –Bob  
  • "I still think there are people willing to hang a wench." -Bob  
  • "Ours will look cool - they're from Staples." –David  
  • "I've been infatuated with lots of people, and I've never wanted pictures of their crap." –Bob  
  • "I kinda want to shoot him." –David  
  • "I'm more than willing to have interesting meatloaf." –Bob  
  • "Wonder twin powers activate!" –Bob  
  • "I'm Osama Bin Laden!" -Bob, as he stabs a small American flag with a steak knife  
  • "It's a Renaissance Tourette's syndrome." -Bob
  • "Get yer geek cred on." –Bob  
  • "My two current subscriptions are Popular Mechanics and Lego Magazine." –David  
  • "Tiny Tim is a thing in my family." –Bob  
  • "We abuse Tiny Tim." –Bob  
  • "The blue lights BLINDED YOU!" –Bob  
  • "It's like a massage for my hands!" "We look like a cult." -Bob and Katie, rubbing the table 
  • "Your mom has to gesture really big." –Bob  
  • "Your mom is gross." "Your grandma is gross." "Your dog is gross." "Leave the dog out of this." -Bob, David, and Katie  
  • "WHOM DO YOU SERVE?" "SARUMANNNNN" -Bob and David  
  • "My butt doesn't fit in it." –Bob  
  • "It makes me look big-breasted." –Bob  
  • "I know a lot about Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh." -Bob
 No stepping on the wing of the plane!

 Lolita, my handmade sock creature (Mommy made her for me!), looking apprehensively out the plane window.

 The outside of the Hotel Phillips, where we stayed.

Dawn, a seventy-five-year-old statue in the Hotel Phillips lobby.

Our hotel room (I shared a room with Katie).  It was massive/awesome, and the beds were super comfortable.

 My conference name tag.

It doesn't look that crowded, but the bus we took to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art was packed. It took fifteen minutes to squeeze everyone on.

One of several giant birdies, created by Claes Oldenburg (the same man who created the "Spoonbridge and Cherry" sculpture at the Walker in Minneapolis) on the grounds of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. 

 The single most beautiful art exhibit I've ever seen. The statue, Guanyin of the Southern Sea, depicts Guanyin, a bodhisattva associated with compassion.  He's seated in front of an absolutely massive wall, taken from a real Chinese monastery.  On each side of the giant room are statues of "attendants."  I spent fifteen+ minutes in awe.  Fucking awe.  

Bison meatloaf at Ted's Montana Grill (owned by Ted Turner). I wasn't a fan (and I love meatloaf!).  It tasted kind of like a bad way.

This yummy Kahlua brownie more than made up for the weird-ass bison meatloaf.

Giant skanky cowgirls in the Power and Light District. I can't like it.

Lolita pooped after a day of panels, poster sessions, presentations, and good food.

We paneled twice: Once for the Honors humanities course, Liberating Letters, and once for Student Created Learning Experiences (SCLE), the Honors program independent study program. Both the panels went SO well! After our SCLE panel, a professor from Texas came up to me and asked if it'd be all right if she emailed me - she might consider using some of my research in her classes!  Whether or not she actually emails me is beside the point - the fact that she's thinking about it means a lot.

NCHC shirt ftw.

From our last night in KC. We sat at a Gordon Biersch in the Power and Light District for four hours, eating, drinking beer (mine tasted like banana!), and chatting.  It was fantastic.

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