Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear October. WTF.

October 2010 will go down in the history books as the month that finally gave Ali Rapp a run for her money.

It hasn't all been bad, per say.  Only, incredibly, ridiculously, ball-bustingly, busy.  And not the usual kind of "Jeez, I really have a lot of homework" busy.  I mean, so far this October, I've:

x Edited and submitted my URGO paper on sexuality in manga to the Central States Communication Association for inclusion in their 2011 conference.

x Begun research for what will be the longest paper of my undergraduate career: my international relations thesis (50-60 pages).  I'll be writing about international child pornography laws.
x Paneled twice at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Kansas City.  The first panel was on Augsburg's HON 130 Liberating Letters course, a first-year Honors humanities course.  The second panel was on Student Created Learning Experiences (I created one in Spring 2009).

x Stayed up for approximately thirty-eight hours for what was my first real regular-school-weekday-all-nighter (all-nighters spent foruming and playing Kingdom Hearts in high school don't count). 
x Sat in on not one, but two different grad classes at the U of M.  The first was COMM 8210 - Seminar: Selected Topics in U.S. Electronic Media, with Dr. Edward Schiappa, and the second was COMM 5211 - Critical Media Studies: Theory and Methods, with Dr. Mary Vavrus
x Began the extremely time-consuming process of applying for graduate school and the Critical Language Scholarship.  I'm about 2/5 of the way done with both of them (the essays are what I have left, and they'll take the most time).

x Participated in Augsburg's Homecoming as part of the Homecoming Court.

 From left to right: Me, Alex, and JK.

x Straight-up forgot to do an assignment (a Japanese Kanji worksheet) for the first time ever in college.

SO YEAH.  Pretty fucking busy.  But the really rich part is, OCTOBER'S NOT DONE YET. Here's what I have left to do:

x Finish my handmade Halloween costume.  I'm going as the Pokemon Bellossom.

x Finish both my grad school app and my Critical Language Scholarship app.
x Write the first ten pages of my international relations thesis. 
x Complete my Modern China midterm.

 Chiang Kai-shek, leader of China from the late 1920s til' the late 1940s. 

x Take a Kanji (Japanese) quiz.

(みち (michi) - "way" or "road.")

x Present what I learned at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference to the Augsburg Honors Council.
x Meet with Dr. Gil Rodman, a professor at the U of M, to discuss the U's program (hopefully, as well as other things, like research!).
x Go to my friend Greg's class with him/enjoy tea, etc. together.
x Catch up on the Japanese assignments I missed while at the conference in Kansas City.

Keep in mind, I've been, and will continue to do, all this while working twenty hours a week and going to my (four) classes.


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