Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September (so far) in pictures

I'm in love with leg warmers.  I have a charcoal pair and an ivory pair. So far...

My Metro Transit pass holder. Now that I have unlimited rides on the Twin Cities' light rail/bus system (a card like this is $150/semester at Augsburg), I take public transportation evvvverrrywhuuurr.  I didn't have to pay for a parking permit at Augsburg, and I rarely have to buy gas (it takes about $45 to fill up my tank).  I've gotten in shape from all the walking, too.  Win-win, yo.  From Made of Aloha, on Etsy.

I rocked this sweet Vulpix temporary tattoo the other day.  Have I told you my plan? If I get into grad school, I'm buying myself a tattoo. Probably of a Deku Scrub. Bomb-diggity.
Duh, Per is still adorable.

I went downtown to tell my friend (Phil Kollar, in da house) "happy birthday," and stopped by a small flower shop, Urban Garden, on the way back to the light rail.  Who woulda thunk that the owner is an Augsburg weekend college grad?  Small world.

My sister, Cherish, and I went out to Little T's for a late dinner (vegetarian tacos not pictured, as they were in my belly).

Little T's sets out crayons on each table so people can color on the huge white paper tablecloths they use.  I drew me and my seeeeeeester.

My grandma.
My sister called me just as HIS 323 was starting Wednesday night, to tell me my grandma, who'd been in a nursing home for several months had died a few hours earlier.  I sat through class anyway, figuring it'd at least keep my mind off things.  
THEN, on Thursday, my mom emailed me to tell me my step-dad was in the hospital (with his billionth kidney stone).  He's fine now, but it was just one more thing on a long list of stressful things to happen last week.

Kristen, my friend (and faculty adviser), took me out to lunch at St. Martin's Table to cheer me up.  She's the best. 

Other than what's pictured here, most of my September's been spent working on the massive amounts of homework I already have.  I somehow have to find time to apply for grad school, the Critical Language Scholarship, and this year's Central States Communication Association conference.  Yiiiikkkessssss.

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Anonymous said...

muahahahahaha i would be simply jealous of a deku scrub tatoo!- Crystal B :)