Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New purchase: Coyote fur mittens

I bought these mittens from a Minnesota trapper who makes his own fur mittens (and other accessories, like handbags and iPod/cellphone holders).  He's got a shop on Etsy, and what, with his great story (he's really in-tune with nature, and is concerned with helping the animal populations in his area stay healthy), and great prices (not to mention, fur mittens are much more affordable than fur coats, which often cost several thousand dollars), what's not to love?

Note: I do not endorse inhumanely hunting for sport, and neither does the trapper I bought my mittens from.  Just as I'm not against eating meat (though I choose to eat vegetarian meals most of the time), I'm also not against the use of fur or leather in clothing, etc.  My family has always eaten meat and worn fur and leather, and yet respect nature absolutely.  I'm a bit more liberal than my parents on these issues (that is, my parents hunt and eat a lot of meat, whereas I do not hunt, and I encourage people to reduce their meat intake), but I believe one can be a meat-eater and a fur/leather-wearer and still be an environmentalist and an advocate for animal rights. The two positions are not mutually exclusive.  

Aren't they beautiful?  I can't wait.  My hands are going to be sooo waarrm this winter!

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Alan Juell said...

Warm with the blood of the innocent and defenseless!

See you on Friday!