Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My life in pictures - August so far

Alan at B-Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings)

My Rilakkuma apron

(Homemade) artichoke dip

(Homemade) chocolate cake

The Harry Potter glasses I wore while baking the chocolate cake (which was for Harry Potter's b-day, on July 31).  Don't judge me.

Mew origami

Me and BF Cassie with blue tongues (what was in those cupcakes?)

The cookie I got at Mickey's Diner, my new fav eatery.

Yuki! フルバはかわいいね〜

 LOTR Monopoly

Ribbonz FTW


Per was cold.

Chocolate chip pancakes for every meal.

Math math math math math (studying for the GRE).