Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures from July

My life in pictures, July edition.  Enjoy!

Andrew Fox.  "I'm collecting cobwebs with it."

Friends on my nightstand.  Erica made me the grim reaper on the left.  I named him "Boy George Mortie."

Hair bowz, I haz them.  I made the long green and pink bow, the matching tiger bows, the pink and blue bow, the black striped bow, and a red bow you can't see because it was in my hair at the time.  I'm craftsy, yo.

Walking to Hidden Falls.

Fruits Basket.  The source of much squeeing.

Chillaxin' at the 'rent's.

Making onigiri.

From my Swap-bot partner.

Delicious nomz.

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Anonymous said...

chocolates & strawberries. that's the best combination! :D