Saturday, July 17, 2010

Come to my research presentation on gay porn manga

You know the research I've been doing for the past 400 hours?  The research about the representations of gender and sexuality in yaoi and yuri (Japanese manga about m/m and f/f relationships) (or, as I like to say and scare people, research on gay porn manga)?

Well, it's time for me to give my final URGO (Office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity) presentation.  If you're in the Twin Cities area, stop by Augsburg's Oren Gateway Center on Monday, July 19, at 1 P.M. (it'll be done by 1:30 P.M.) to hear what I've found!

By the way, my paper is coming together nicely.  Right now, including references, I've got twenty-three pages.  Now, page numbers don't really matter (only that it shouldn't be less than ten and more than thirty or so), but from the start, I figured if I could get my paper into the twenties,  my research was probably a success.  I'm getting excited to submit it for publication.  Of course, a lot of editing needs to be done between now and then.

Our Kingdom (yaoi): Volume 6.  I love this cover so much.

You know, one thing I've come to appreciate about Augsburg since I've started this research is that an overwhelming majority of the faculty and staff on-campus are interested in my topic, and don't shy away from talking about it in front of other people, despite its sort of controversial nature.  I mean, really!  I'm researching stuff that is so foreign to the U.S. (heterosexual teenagers and young women reading about explicit and non-explicit gay and lesbian relationships) that I would've understood if everyone tried to hush-hush my work.  But no one has, and I'm so thankful for that. 

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