Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tooth-extractions, new apartment, and gay porn manga (2)

The last two weeks have been hella crazy/awesome/painful.

Last Monday was super awesome.  Mitch and I spent the weekend in Milaca, and Monday (Memorial Day), I chilled with my parents on their newly decorated patio (massive grill, fire pit, ginormous pond w/fountain, furniture), chatted, and read (I mean re-read) the second and third volumes of Our Kingdom.  I also ate watermelon.  It was a good ol' Amurcan day.

Gay porn manga FTW

Roasted marshmallows also FTW

Massive grill.

Then, last Tuesday, Mitch and I moved into a new apartment with our friend Tony (he's a commercial credit analyst at Fidelity Bank in Edina).  I could tell you how awesome the apartment is, but I'll show you instead and fill in the gaps as needed.

Mitch and Tony in the kitchen.  A center island, all black appliances (heaven!), and good cabinets.  Rock on.

Living room part #1

Living room part #2 (yes, that's a fireplace)

Dining area

Ping-pong table in the "fun room" (our third bedroom, turned into a nerd-haven)

Fun room part #2

Laundry room omg

Our bathroom.  You can't see it, but behind the shower curtain is a massive oval-shaped tub. 
Tony has his own bathroom, in his bedroom.

Our bedroom.  We also have a walk-in closet.

The massive balcony

So basically, our apartment is baller.  BALL-ER.

In other news, I have two giant holes in my mouth: two days ago (Monday), I got two baby teeth extracted.  I don't have adult teeth underneath the (now extracted) baby teeth, so until the gum tissue heals, I just have deep holes I have to try to keep food out of.  Speaking of food, I can't eat anything solid (at least, anything I really have to chew) for at least a week, but even after that, I have to stay away from crunchy goodies (think chips) until the holes are healed.  So the last couple days, I've been living off ice cream, yogurt, pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes, Cream of Wheat, and noodles (which I have to cut up, and sometimes eat with my hands).  I feel like a baby.  Or a really old person.  Anyway, I don't feel 21.  
And then, on Friday, I get braces! Bum bum buuuuuummmmm!  

Wrapping up this little entry of mine, research has been going well.  I've done a lot of reading (which I like, so don't feel bad for me), and I've learned more about Stuart Hall and David Morley's work on media/cultural studies/theory than I thought possible.  I feel like such a budding scholar!  I also ordered (and read) the rest of Our Kingdom, so I now own volumes 1-6 (and I'll soon own the side-story, Our Kingdom: Arabian Nights).  Don't judge me.


OH.  I also got my nose ring switched out.  Here's the kind I got put in:

That's all for now.  Wish me luck with healing, getting braces, and the second half of my research.

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