Saturday, May 8, 2010

This weekend is bananas.

My weekend's been awesome.  And it's only Saturday!

Yesterday, I went to another orthodontist.  This one was in downtown Minneapolis (about a half block from the Nicollet Mall light rail station), though their main office is in St. Anthony Village.  Anyway, the appointment went really well.  I'm going in for "records" Monday, which means I'm getting a ton of x-rays done.  After the x-rays, my ortho will know for sure which treatment route to take.  If things go according to plan, I could have braces within a month, and I'd have them for 2 1/2-3 years.  Crazy, huh?  Nothing's for sure yet, though, so don't get your hopes up.  I know you all want to see me as a metal-mouth.

 Tom Cruise with ceramic braces.  That's what I'd have on my top teeth.  I'd have regular ol' metal braces on the bottom.

Last night, Mitch and I came up to Milaca.  Mom and I ate at the Drive In (BLT and chive fries, baby!).  When we got home, we changed into our jammies (mine, feetie pajamas), watched The Fly and most of The Wolfman, and traded massages.

Today, Mom bought me paint for the new apartment (which we move into in less than a month!).  For Mother's Day, I made the 'rents chili and angel food cake.  Now we're watching The Lion in Winter.  Epic classic movie weekend!

So that's my life.  Sounds pretty nice, right?  Even though I have a lot of big things left to do this summer (the Zelda paper, URGO, Japanese, the GRE), I feel relaxed, and I really haven't felt that way in months.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh...

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