Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things to do Wednesday

You might be sick of my to-do lists, but it's therapeutic for me to publish what I need to do, not only so others can hold me accountable, but also so I can track my progression from "Holy crap, there's no time to do anything and I'll never get anything done!" to "Wow!  I actually finished everything on time!"

Thus, Wednesday:

(X) Print off scholarship portrait at Target.
(X) Meet with Dixie to go over Zyzzogeton poster edits.
(X) Finalize Zyzzogeton poster and send to Dixie/Caryn by 5 P.M.
(X) Do Japanese activities, if not already done (can't remember! So far back).
(X) Write second article analysis for International Business independent study.
(X) Analyze Game Informer's April issue for my Persuasion paper.

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