Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things to do Tuesday

Having a published to-do list worked well yesterday, so here's today's installment:

(X)  Email StuGov Exec. Board for remaining evaluation forms.
(   )  Print off portrait at Target for scholarship app.
Note: Didn't get to do this one, but I did take my scholarship application stuff to the Writing  Lab, which took about two hours.  So, in fairness, I substituted one important thing for another.
(X)  Edit/practice Keystone term paper presentation.
(X)  Edit URGO poster (2nd draft).
(X) Draft finance statement for scholarship app.
(X)  Review Kanji, and chapters 1-4 in Japanese textbook.
(X) Edit 私の週末 and email to 先生。

Here we go!

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