Friday, April 9, 2010

Karen Neitge Scholarship, Fall 2010 Schedule

I can't believe I forgot to tell you peeps: I was awarded Augsburg's Karen Neitge Scholarship!  Here's the official description of the scholarship, taken from Augsburg's LGBTQIA Services site:
The Karen Neitge Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Augsburg student committed to issues of social justice inside and outside of the classroom, particularly around sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.  
Pretty cool, huh?  So I'm attending Lavender Graduation this year, and there'll be a special little thing for me (as well as for the graduating LGBTQIA/ally seniors, and the winner of the LGBTQIA Student Leadership Award).  Huzzah!

And here's my schedule for fall 2010.  It'll be a tough semester, what with a Gus class (that's Don Gustafson, and he's teaching Modern China), the IR Keystone (minimum requirement - fifty page thesis), and applying to grad school, but I can DO IT!

HIS 323 - Modern China.  Taught by Don Gustafson.  I've had him before, for History of the Modern Non-Western World.  That class was tough (and it was only a 100-level!), but I learned a TON.  I know HIS 323 will be similar.

INS 225 - Introduction to Islam.  Taught by some guy I've never met.  Looking forward to this one.  Wouldn't mind it being mildly difficult, as long as there aren't a crap ton of papers.  Already going to have enough writing to do in the fall.

JAPN 211 - Intermediate Japanese I.  Taught by Michiko-先生.  Japanese is already getting a little difficult, but thankfully, the rest of my class is SUPER slow, which gives me time to go over my work/the chapters multiple times.

POL 490 - International Relations Keystone.  Taught by Joe Underhill, Chair of the Political Science Department.  This is the class that requires a fifty-page thesis.  In comparison, a Master's thesis is usually about fifty to sixty pages long.  It'll be good preparation for grad school, I suppose.

I suppose I'll post tomorrow's to-do list in this entry.  Might as well, ya?

(   ) Read next chapter of Persuasion book.
(   ) Attend Video Games Live with Phil (soooo excited!).
(   ) Clean apartment.
(   ) Complete drafts of everything for ECE Scholarship.


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