Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holy crap.

I feel like that's all I can say to explain the last few weeks of my life.  As you could probably tell by my daily to-do lists, these last three weeks of my junior year of college have been busy to the point of twisted hilarity.  It's saying something when I feel more laid-back during finals week than during any other week in the last month.

But seriously, it's been both fun and terrifying.  On April 15th, I presented my research on archetypes of femininity in The Legend of Zelda series at Augsburg's undergraduate research conference, Zyzzogeton.  I'd say twenty or thirty people stopped by my poster and listened to my spiel, which I consider quite a few.

 Talking to Dean Farley about my research

Then, last Wednesday, I was presented with the Karen Neitge Scholarship at Augsburg's Lavender Graduation.  I also gave a speech!  I'd forgotten how much fun it is to give non-academic speeches.

Then, last Friday, I presented my research on androgyny and bisexuality in Japanese literature/society at the St. Thomas Undergraduate Communication Research Conference.  The presentation itself went well (I heart speaking in front of crowds), and I made some good contacts (two of whom work in the St. Thomas Comm. Studies department). 

I had a Persuasion final exam Monday, a Japanese Kanji quiz, as well as an International Business presentation yesterday, and I have a Japanese chapter test Friday.  So while things have slowed down a little, they're not yet back to normal (whatever "normal" means for me). 

My pal Becki Iverson's recent Facebook status went something like "I'm crawling to the finish line with my fingernails."  I think that's a fitting description of how the last few weeks have been for me.  I mean, every end-of-the-semester is a race-to-the-finish, but this year was just ridiculous.  I'm not really complaining, because most of the things that've kept me insanely busy have been things I like to do, but it's worth noting, at least, that I've never been more fearful of my ability to get everything done on time while retaining my sanity.

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