Monday, April 5, 2010

21st b-day, yo!

That's right: My twenty-first birthday was on Good Friday.  But the celebrations started a full two days before.  Here's a recap of the festivities:

I mention Monday because it was Kristen Chamberlain's birthday, and I made her brownies decorated to look like question blocks.  Well, I tried to make them look like question blocks, and I really can't shoulder all of the blame--no grocery stores I checked sold either black or orange gel, which the recipe called for.  Oh well.  Fun was had by all, etc.

Kristen sent me over to Gateway Center to get her a bottle of water, and when I came back, the Communication Studies faculty surprised me with a cake (it had my name on it!), a birthday song, and presents!  I got some sweet stickers, a book with events from my birth-year (did you know President Bush once held up a bag of cocaine during a speech/press conference?), a huge Ni Hao Kai-lan coloring book, crayons, a cute photo frame, and a card with ninjas on it that plays the song "Kung Fu Fighting."  Epic.

 tse tse tse


I didn't have class Friday (and actually, I didn't have class Thursday either, but I did work), so I chilled at my apartment until about 4 P.M.  Then Mitch, Alan, Lily, and I all headed to Stella's Fish Cafe for happy hour (I had a vodka sour, and I ate a little bit of everyone's apps--cheese curds, baja fries, frickles, and chicken).  After Stella's, we met Brian and Tony at Benihana for dinner.  My dinner and dessert were both free, so I didn't feel bad buying myself a sake.  I hadn't had sake since Tokyo 2008!  Crazy.
After Benihana, we all went back to my apartment and played King's Cup (a drinking game.  Word for the wise: Play this game last.  It's potent).  We went to sleep around 1 A.M., and I woke up feeling great.  Huzzah.

 This game = bad news bears.

Around noon, Mitch and I drove up to Milaca for Easter dinner with my family.  And, my parents threw me a Pokemon-themed birthday party.  Sweet, right?  People wore Pokemon masks, and there were Pokemon streamers, cups, plates, napkins, a Pokemon scavenger hunt, a Pokemon cake, and Pokemon presents.  My parents even ordered me a custom Pokemon shirt that said "It's my 21st birthday" and "Alison," and a custom Pokemon pin that said "Alison is 21!"  Coolest birthday ever, SRSLY.  It's times like my Pokemon party that Frank Sinatra's song "Young at Heart" plays in my head.

I had another Easter dinner, this time with Mitch's family, at his grandparent's house in Milaca.  After the meal (I ate so much, I felt ill), we hunted for Easter eggs, and then sat out on the porch playing Apples to Apples (I won!).  We left for Minneapolis around 4:30 P.M., and Tony stopped by our apartment that evening to give us cheesecake (leftover from his family's Easter dinner), and to play my new DDR game.   

So ends my epic week.  Be amazed.

BTW, I finished all the things on my to-do list.  Be impressed.

What am I doing next weekend, you ask?  Well, my sister Cherish is flying in from New York, so I'll be able to see her.  AND, I'm going to Video Games Live with Phil Kollar on Saturday night.  We're sitting in the middle of the fifth row.  Be jealous.



Jennifer Salome said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday!!! Yay!!!
Happy (belated) birthday!!!

Mnemosyne said...

Thank you! Sorry I couldn't come to your party. D: