Friday, March 12, 2010

100 things you might not know about Ali Rappstar

Lately, I've noticed my Augsburg family doesn't know some crucial things about me.  Why, some people are still surprised to find out I love video games!  So here's a list of 100 things Auggies and non-Auggies might not know about me.  Some of them are funny, some of them are not, but I can guarantee you don't know all of them:

1. I have a nose-piercing.
2. I own a bow+arrow.
3. I can shoot said bow+arrow.
4. I have a glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter puzzle.

5. Sunfish are the best kind of fried fish.
6. As a kid, I spent several summers on my grandparent's farm.
7. I used to pretend I was a cat during recess.  I roared/hissed/meowed at people.
8. I've authored Inuyasha fan-fiction.  Yes, it was terrible.
9. I have a Shiba Inu named Per.

10. I'm engaged.

11. Pink is my favorite color.
12. In high school, I wanted to be an astronomer/astrophysicist.
13. At one point, I could point out and/or name approximately 30 constellations.
14. I used to play D+D.
15. My first D+D character was a human fighter.  I cried when she died.  Her name was Mnemosyne.  I use her name as an alias to this day.
16. I used to take naps in the woods.
17. I took 1st in finals and 4th overall in poetry at the 2006 Minnesota State Speech Tournament.
18. I used to collect little lizard figurines.  I made houses, etc. for them.
19. Korean men are beautiful.

20. I've had mad crushes on: Scot Bleichner, Jon Quinn, Kevin Marquardsen, Dillon Naumann, Mitch Billings, several Korean men (see #19), Jonathan (otherwise known as Zuriel) from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, and Riku from Kingdom Hearts.
21. I used to have about a dozen pictures of Riku above my bed.

22. I frequently quote Inuyasha without anyone knowing.
23. I used to be a bully.  I once rubbed Skylar Erickson's face in the rocks.  Think of a snow-wash, only without the snow.
24. When I was four, I tripped while playing with my Ford Bronco toy and knocked out one of my front teeth.  It didn't grow back for so long, I developed a speech impediment and had to go through speech therapy.
25. I used to own several pieces of bubble furniture.  Pretty sure I had a blue bubble couch and a pink bubble backrest.
26. I sing in the shower.
27. I once knew every word to The Lion King and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
28. I was Band and Choir President in high school.
29. I'm currently researching gender in The Legend of Zelda series.
30. When I was in 5th grade, my mom told me that someday, I'd grow too old for Pokemon.  I'm almost 21 years old, and I still love Pokemon.
31. The most I've ever weighed is 115; that was in 9th grade.  I was a swimmer then.
32. When I play Perfect Dark on multi-player, I play as Mr. Blonde.  He's super tall, so it's hard for people to kill him with a head-shot.

33. Ecco the Dolphin is one of the most bad-ass games I've ever played.

34. I have a birthmark on my left-side.  My mom claims it's not a birthmark, since I didn't have it at birth, but I disagree.
35. My favorite Greek god is a goddess: Artemis.
36. The first time I saw the Kingdom Hearts II trailer from TGS 2004, I bawled.  I didn't just tear up, I bawled.  It was a happiness-bawl.

37. I then burned the trailer onto a disc and slept with it under my pillow.  For about a year.
38. I've visited the Met, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
39. I used to be the "Head Greeter" at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania's forum.  I've been a member there since March 3, 2005.
40. I was a member of the Almighty Stallions clan at KHU. 
41. My favorite KHU meme was the BarL00gA.

42. I had rabbits from the time I was four until my first year of college.  My first two rabbits were named Peaches and Blackie.  My last rabbit (a Mini-Rex) was named Bunny.  Obviously I didn't get any better at naming in fifteen years time.
43. I got a 28 on the ACT.
44. I used to know all the words to four Inuyasha theme songs--even though I didn't speak a lick of Japanese at the time.  That's called diligence.
45. My favorite Harry Potter book is The Goblet of Fire, closely followed by The Chamber of Secrets.
46. I dated Morgan Berry for six months in high school.  Six long months.  I broke up with him on Valentine's Day.
47. The last time I peed my pants was in third grade when my babysitter, Kristine Norberg, locked me out of the house.
48. I was Homecoming royalty.

49. I would do anything for a Brownie Batter Blizzard.
50. I'm a first-generation college student.
51. I prefer tea to coffee.
52. My parents are divorced.
53. I play as Pikachu in all the Super Smash Bros. games.

54. I'm very afraid of birds.  When I was a baby, a rooster latched onto my diaper and wouldn't let go.  When I was about nine years old, another rooster chased me until I tripped, and then attacked me while I was down. I'll cry before I go anywhere near birds.
55. I knew before anyone else that Matt Garza would become a star pitcher.

56. I sometimes make om-nom noises while I eat.
57. My favorite animal is the Orca, commonly known as the Killer Whale.

58. I once considered myself a born-again Christian.
59. I've dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for the last five Halloweens.

60. I own four Alice in Wonderland (AiW) shirts, an AiW quilt, an AiW body-pillow, a Cheshire Cat pillow, a Cheshire Cat stuffie, several copies of both Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There), Lewis Carroll's Complete Works, an AiW graphic novel, a Cheshire Cat figurine, Alice and the Mad Hatter salt 'n' pepper shakers, the Disney version of AiW, the Kate Beckinsale version of Through the Looking Glass, a Spanish version of AiW, AiW temporary tattoos, an AiW coloring book, an AiW Halloween costume, an Alice Christmas tree ornament, an AiW purse, and a Cheshire Cat blanket. 
61. If I had to identify myself with any social/minority group, it would be the LGBT community.  I'm heterosexual, but I've headed two campaigns for LGBT rights alone.  I subscribe to Out Magazine and The Advocate.
62. I don't drink soda often, but when I do, I like it to be root beer.
63. I kiss my dog on the mouth.
64. I'm afraid of the dark.
65. Jimmy Johns subs are superior to every other kind of sub.
66. I usually opt for whatever veggie option is available, but I won't say no to steak.
67. I own a hand-sewn snuggie.  It has sharks on it.
68. I went to prom with our high school football captain/track captain/valedictorian.

69. I spent approximately 100 hours on my first play-through of Kingdom Hearts (I). 
70. I love public speaking.
71. I used to have lots of sleepovers with Taryn Brown and Cassie Morrison.  One night, Cassie made us fudge.  But it was runny fudge, not block fudge.  The fudge was in one tupperware.  We all dipped our fingers into the one tupperware, licked the fudge off our fingers, and dipped our fingers back into the tupperware.  This went on for several hours.  By the time the fudge was almost gone, the stuff remaining in the bottom of the tupperware probably consisted more of our combined spit than actual fudge.
72. I'm a sleepy drunk.
73. I prefer Bill O'Reilly to Rush Limbaugh, and Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck, though I dislike all of them with a fiery passion.
74. I like to color.  I brought four coloring books back from Japan: Anpanman, Pokemon, Cinnamoroll, and Rilakkuma (Relax Bear).

75. I found out Santa wasn't real when I discovered one of my presents in the basement.  I was so hurt.
76. Speaking of basements, I used to be terrified of them.  When I was five, my step-dad hung me by my ankles over the basement stairs and shouted "Basement Monster, come and get her!" I was afraid of basements until I was about eighteen years old.
77. I went clubbing in a red-light district in Tokyo.  Never again.  Gas Panic is scary.

78. I buy most of my clothes from Forever 21.
79. I usually consider myself an Agnostic, but if you catch me on a grumpy day, I'm an Atheist.
80. I love the ORLY owl.

81. I prefer DDR to Guitar Hero.
82. I thought the word "probably" was pronounced "probbly" for the first 14-or-so years of my life.
83. My two favorite Harry Potter houses are Slytherin and Hufflepuff.  I think I'd be sorted into a combo Slytherin/Hufflepuff house.  Slytherpuff.
84. I used to smuggle cat food from the pantry to my bedroom and eat it.
85. I've never broken a bone, knock on wood.
86. I have, however, had a viral infection in my joints (which sent me to the emergency room), and a damaged tendon in my pinkie.
87. I'm terrified of worms and anything that looks remotely like a worm.  I once punched someone in the face for throwing a worm at me.
88. I use an Action Replay to create my own Pokemon.  That is, if I want a Lugia, lvl. 2, I've got it.  Whenever I want it.  Don't judge me.

89. If I could have one superpower, it'd be to fly.  That's why one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts worlds is Neverland, and why I love Star Fox.  But if I could fly, I'd prefer to have wings.

90. I've bathed naked outside, in another country, with a bunch of relative strangers.

91. My Myers-Briggs typology is somewhere between an ENTP (the visionary) and an ENTJ (the executive).
92. I used to be more afraid of dolls than of anything else.  Especially dolls that talked.  Family friends were instructed to never gift me dolls, but if they did, I often tore off their limbs and heads before throwing them out of my room and down the stairs.
93. When I ride merry-go-rounds, I always pick the black warhorse.  So bad-ass!
94. My favorite Japanese phrase is "おとといはあたたかかったです。"  It's pronounced "Ototoi wa atatakakatta desu."  It's got a pretty boring meaning (the day before yesterday was warm), but it's crazy fun to say.
95. I always knew Snape wasn't evil.
96. If I had a Patronus, it would be an Arcanine.

97. I'm a natural blond.
98. I cried tears of joy when I saw the new Tron Legacy trailer.
99. Being in front of crowds is exhilarating.
100. Sea Shepherd sucks.


Anonymous said...

wow your blogs are INTERESTING i actually knew most of that tho! i guess thats what former bffs get lol you missed a few fine points but you lead a pretty amazing life! i will vote for your presidency any day! - Crystal :)

mndrummer said...

Some of these things are not unknown or even related to "jimmy johns is the best sandwich ever" WTF!!!!

Mnemosyne said...

Shut up, Mitch. XD