Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend in Milaca-laca, K-pop, and Lee Min Ho

Mitch and I went up to Milaca this weekend.  It was bomb.  Here are some pics.

Ernie lurkin' around the kitchen.  Mom made fried fish!

Next time you watch Little Miss Sunshine, look for these sheets in their bedroom.  Hint: I have the same sheets!  

A page from this great Mario book I had as a kid

FLYING KIRARA!  You had to be there.

Got this from my lurvely pal Cory a loooong time ago.  ITSMAHFAVCAREBEAR

Best. book. evar.  It's basically a novelization of Pokemon Yellow.  Bad-ass, right?

My senior year, I started having some stress issues.  Mr. Palmer, my English teacher (and Speech/Drama coach) gave me this.  It usually hung on his wall, but since he was retiring, well, I adopted it.

Aaaaahhh.  Waking up to a beautiful morning.

I made veggie chili for my parents Saturday night.  They say they liked it... :)

Over the weekend, I read Fons Trompenaars' Riding the Waves of Culture, and this book, Children, Gender, Video Games.  I also ate almost an entire bag of Cool Mint Oreos.

 Per passed out on the floor after a day of chasing Maggie around

And here's what I've been listening to:

And here's what I've been looking at (lawl): 

Lee Min Ho, from Boys Over Flowers, a Korean drama

The end.  Next up: 月曜日! And a Kanji quiz in Japanese.


Wendi said...

I drove by Milaca this weekend Ali! I thought of you...for realz.

Mnemosyne said...

I'd be willing to bet it took you no more than thirty seconds to get through Milaca.