Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scholarship Weekend's The Big Show


So last weekend was what Augsburg refers to as "Scholarship Weekend."  Prospective students competing for our President's and Fine Arts (studio art, choir, band, film, and theater) Scholarships came to Augsburg for a Friday and Saturday, to, well, compete.  They go through interviews, auditions, surprise essays...all sorts of things.  There was a big blizzard the year I competed (I'm a President's Scholar, but I also competed for two Fine Arts Scholarships), so we had to cram everything into that Saturday, but it was OK.  I spent that Friday with Mitch.  :)

Anyway, here are some pics from The Big Show.  They're all courtesy of Kendra Christiansen, a current Auggie majoring in Biopsychology (and she works in the Admissions Office, and is a professional photographer)!  She's a pretty cool gal.  Here's her website, if you're interested in more of her photos/contacting her for a photo shoot.

Matt and I had fifteen minutes to pump up the crowd.  I think it went well.  :D

Explaining the "applause" sign to the audience

LMAO sign!

Rockin' out to some mad techno

Everett and Avery doing spoken word

Matt as the Auggie

Sweet, right?

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