Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's and New York City

Why do I always blog when I'm ill?

Whatevs!  Winter break hasn't let me down yet (and with only three days left before classes begin again, it's got little time to screw up).

First stop on the winter-break-recap-bus: New Year's!

We had dinner at Laredo's in St. Louis Park.  It was a little strange, because the reservation staff told us they were going to be overwhelmed with patrons around 6 P.M., and so if we didn't show up on time, they'd give our table away.  When we got there (around 6), there was almost no one in the restaurant.  Then, our waiter called Katie a pansy for not ordering a second drink, and told us if we didn't order food right away, he'd ask us to leave.  My question is: who let the crabby staff work New Year's?
It was a good time, anyway, so I'm not really complaining.  Lily got a huge-ass burrito (she didn't finish it), and we dared Alan to try the "Double Chubby Challenge" (eating a four pound burrito in thirty minutes), but he didn't take the bait.  Shucks.

Me and Alan at Laredo's

Lily's ginormous burrito

After Laredo's, we headed back to Tony and Brian's to open our Secret Santa gifts (I got an Inuyasha calendar and an iTunes gift card from my Superfriend Alan).   We played a heated, but uncompetitive game of Pictionary, a slow round of Trivial Pursuit, and then toasted the New Year with champagne (who likes champagne?).

I was trying to draw "polo"

2010 in gang symbols?

Me and Quique (Eric), who only recently returned from studying in Germany

Five minutes after midnight, Mitch and I headed home to catch a few hours of shut-eye.  Why leave so early, you ask?  Well...

Next (and last, for now) stop on the recap-bus: New York City!

Mitch and I took a free (FREE!) plane ride to New York City, where we stayed with my sister (Cherish) and her boyfriend (Evan).  Oh, and her crabby old cat, Georgie.  Neither Mitch nor I had ever been to New York, so we tried to cram in as much touristy sightseeing as possible.

Me + Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park = life complete

Mitch and my sister, Cherish

Me and Mitch in Times Square

My bag from a Japanese lingerie shop.  I spoke to the employees!  In Japanese!

 We went to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art).  I seriously considered barfing all over the modern art on the second floor.

Apparently, this little sandwich shop's tuna salad sandwich was voted best in the city.  I had it.  It was good, but "best in the city?"  Pfft.

And so ends the recap-bus-tour.  This weekend (the last of winter break) will also be great: Tomorrow, I'm heading to St. Martin's Table for lunch with the fab Becki Iverson, then it's off to make cookies (and maybe lasagna) with the talented Carly Lassegard, and on Sunday, I'm volunteering at the Japan America Society of Minnesota's Shinnenkai celebration!

Hooray for cramming in last-minute-break activities.


David Lapakko said...

The "cheerful one" is very disappointed in you--rather than galavanting around New York City, you should have been at home reading The Phenomenology of Mind by Hegel. (You actually think life is supposed to be FUN?)

Mnemosyne said...

OK, so I'm not reading that, but you should be pleased to know I am reading (see: skimming) Hofsted's Culture's Consequences this semester for an international business independent study.

There are 620 pages in the book. Gross.

Lily Lily Lily said...

The waiter wasn't crabby in a mean way... but he was still crabby.