Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter break - already so great!

Let me clarify: I've actually been sick for the last few days.  Really sick.  So sick I couldn't make it to my pal's grad party at the Park Tavern in St. Louis Park.  But I'm getting better quickly (thanks to untold amounts of sherbet, Naked Juice, and naps), so as the hip say it, "issallgood."

om nom nom

But despite my sickness, this winter break (though only three days in) is shaping up to be pretty great.  My last final was on Thursday.  It was an essay final, so I spent two full hours writing four essays on the political cultures, economics, etc. of India and China.  After the final, I joined Kristen for lunch at St. Martin's Table.  I'd never eaten there before, even though it's a popular hangout for Auggies (it's basically on our campus).  I had Mexican white bean soup and Azifa.  I don't know what Azifa is, but it was good.  It tasted sort of like bubbles.

I did not take this picture.  Unknown Picture-Taker, please don't sue me.

Mitch got some great news on Thursday--he won tickets to anywhere in the country (thanks, Sun Country)!  Awesome, right?  So we're heading to New York City on New Year's Day to stay with my sister, Cherish.  We're planning our trip now.  I definitely want to go to the Met (the Metropolitan Museum of Art)--they have an exhibit called "Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor" going on right now.  Mitch wants to see Times Square and the Empire State Building (or another very tall building with an observation deck), and we both want to visit the Statue of Liberty.  Aw jeez, I'm excited!

Taken from the Met's website

Mitch and I opened one present each a couple days ago (I opened Okami--a game based on Japanese mythology), and we opened the rest today (he got me another game, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and a few neat stocking stuffers).  I made chili for dinner (and gingerbread cookies yesterday), so it's been a cozy, happy day.


Kingdom Hearts ~ love

yussss om nom nom

I plan on cranking out my remaining thematic analyses in the next few days.  I'm also going to start reading for my literature review!  Research is fun.

We bought Per booties.  His feet get cold, yo!

This creepy, seductive Santa picture was in my Christmas coloring book.  I lawled a lot.

It's time for a nap now.  I haven't had one yet today, and being still a little sick, it's important that I sleep a lot.  おやすみ!

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