Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas + finals + Japan


Check out our Christmas tree!  We decorated our entire apartment a couple weeks ago, and this tree was included.  It was our first year with a tree, and when we first took it out of the box, it looked a lot like the Charlie Brown tree, but after some fluffing, it looked...less like the Charlie Brown tree.  It's still small, but it'll do for now.  :)

Sad Charlie Brown tree

Our slightly less sad (but much more festive) tree

Hey!  I got a new phone.  Well, it's not technically new (it was my step-dad's first), but it's new to me.  It's better than my old phone--now I get email alerts!  And the phone has GPS, so if I ever call 911, the dispatcher can track my location.  Nifty!  The phone itself brings me back to my high school days (when I had a bulky, but invincible Nextel phone): this one's also built for wear-and-tear, so I expect it to last longer than my last phone (which was pink and happy, but also sort of flimsy).

It's finals week, and I'm actually doing pretty well, stress-wise.  Usually, this time of year, I'm having daily panic attacks, but I've staved off all but one so far.  I owe this in part to the fact that I have only three finals, one of which doesn't really count (but don't tell the professor that), since I'm taking the class pass/fail (which means as long as I pass the class, I get credit.  It's to save my GPA).  I have a Japanese final on Wednesday (which I'm sure I'll kick major ass on), and a POL 158 final on Thursday (which I'm expecting to be difficult, but I'm still confident I'll do well).  Wish me luck!


I'm obsessing about going back to Japan again.  I will make it before grad school (or work, whichever I decide to do)--I WILL!  I've made that promise to myself.  How I do it depends on how much money I want to/am able to fork up between now and the next school year.

I'm coming, Pokemon train!  Imma ride you again...even if you're decorated for a different Pokemon movie.

What am I going to do over winter break?  A lot of reading.  Now that I'm done with the first half of my URGO research (playing through Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess), I have to read up on archetypes (and find the books, articles, etc. I'll use in my literature review), and next semester, I'll/we'll write the big paper (Kristen will help me make it not suck) and submit it for publication.  Exciting, eh?
I also plan on playing a lot of non-Zelda video games.  I obviously love The Legend of Zelda series way more than is healthy, but I haven't been able to play a non-Zelda game since last May, so I'm greatly looking forward to popping in Shadow of the Colossus and taking Agro for a ride the place is called.  I don't think it has a name.  Maybe I'll even restart the game (since it's taken me forever to actually beat...once I spoiled the ending for myself, it became hard to find motivation to finish...).


I have to brush Per's teeth and clip his nails now.  He has awful breath, and his nails are getting so long he's starting to gnaw them off.  Oh, Per.

Hey, did I ever tell you Kristen got me mittens?  They're GREAT!  They match my coat (they're cream, with brown designs--think Norwegian sweater designs), they're waaaay warmer than my crappy gloves, and they have grippies on the palms so I can steer my car!  Hooray!

BTWs, I love Lady Gaga.  The end.


Chue said...

we should definitely visit japan together!! It'll be awesome. If I get enough money I wanna go next summer or next winterbreak.

Mnemosyne said...

AH! If you go this summer, let me know. I want to go for a semester next fall... :D