Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween and other super-awesome-fun-times


I just finished studying for tomorrow's Japanese test. It's on all of Chapter 1, so about 40 pages of Japanese grammar and vocab. I feel ready for the test material-wise, so now all that's left is to get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

What's gone on since my last post? Well, Halloween happened. Guess what I was? A CAT! (giving new meaning to No, I Am a Cat!). The gang, minus Katie who was at another rockin' party, came over to our apartment. Fun times were had by all: we ordered in Chinese food, played Guitar Hero and DDR, and watched Zombieland. I wanted to watch something legit scary, but neither Brian or Tony like legit scary movies, so we opted for a "scary" comedy. After the movie and plenty of video games, we spent the rest of the night unconventionally, perusing old high school yearbooks.
Here are just a few pics from Halloween:

Per as a cowboy

Alan was also a kitty. Tearin' toilet paper!

This was supposed to be me acting like a cat drinking milk. The actual photo, as you can see, turned out with me looking like a weirdo.

Mitch playing Guitar Hero (II)

Of course, Halloween wasn't the only time I've relaxed in the past month. Every weekend, we usually hang with the gang and play board games and such.

Alan and I love .hack!

Lookin' at my deck (fire fire fire is the best!)

Mitch and Per

Playing Citadels. I love the king.


I'm finally meeting with Dixie tomorrow. We were supposed to meet last week (and the week before that), but things kept coming up. So tomorrow, so help me, we're meeting and discussing my life after graduation. What will I do? Apply to grad school? Head straight into the workforce? And what about my life in the next year and a half? Will I go abroad again? Complete another research project? Intern? I have a stellar resume, so I've got a lot of options, but it's hard to pick (and make the choice a responsible one).

Time for bed...おやすみなさい!


Silent Soliloquy said...

I was having a bad day...
Until I saw Per in a cowboy outfit.
Thank you.

amberdavis1986 said...

I spent a lot of time, energy, and money applying and auditioning for grad school. Then I realized:

I'm too young for grad school - and they thought so too.

Keep thinking about your options and get creative - or something like that .......