Sunday, November 22, 2009

Auggie at a Glance - Carly Lassegard

This week's "Auggie at a Glance," taken from Augsburg's newspaper, the Echo.
Auggie at a Glance – Carly Lassegard
Carly Lassegard, a junior Auggie, spends most of her time maneuvering rooms few people—even veteran students—know exist. She is a guru among her peers, with a vast knowledge of both the academic and tangible sides of her field. And she understands the workings of numerous complicated—and very expensive—pieces of equipment. What does Lassegard do, you ask? The answer is film, an exploding semi-interdisciplinary program, housed within Augsburg’s Communication Studies Department.
Lassegard, the eldest of three children, grew up in Woodbury, a suburb of St. Paul. Though always interested in film, Carly attended Woodbury’s Math and Science Academy from sixth to twelfth grade. She described the experience fondly, “My parents [initially] forced me to go, but within a year, I loved it.” With only twenty-seven students in her graduating class, “There was no room for cliques…no drama…if you started drama, you had no friends.” Her time at the Academy, Lassegard said, was spent “[following] everyone around with a video camera…I was that person.”
When asked why she chose Augsburg, Lassegard explained that Augsburg is the only private college in Minnesota that offers a film degree. And she always knew she wanted to do film, saying “I never thought I would go to college for anything else…It’s always been something I’ve been good at it…and although I’m creative, I’m also shy, and film is really good for that—no audience participation—[I] can turn the movie on and run to the back of the room.”
What’s great about Augsburg’s film program in particular, Lassegard said, is that “It’s small. It feels like a school within a school…it’s amazing what gets produced in our classes.” And the program is growing rapidly, Lassegard said. “We’ve had double-digit growth every year for the past five years,” and it’s set to continue. “We’re getting more recognition…[but we’ll] need more money, more space…”
When asked about the other organizations she’s involved with, Lassegard laughed, saying, “Film takes over my life.” As the Head T.A. for the film program, Lassegard not only controls the keys (and thus, all the access) to the TV/film studio and the film equipment, she also fields most questions from students, handling all but the most complicated (which she relays to Wes Ellenwood, Assistant Professor in the film program).
After she graduates in 2011, Lassegard hopes to attend graduate school, and then to “sell [her] soul to Hollywood, for a little while.” After that, Lassegard wants to “be in charge of something…I enjoy screenwriting, so I want to [continue] that. I don’t want to be a director.”
Whatever Lassegard decides to do, her stellar experiences within Augsburg’s rising film program (not to mention her own aspirations—creative and otherwise) will no doubt prove priceless.

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