Monday, October 19, 2009

Student Government Retreat 2009-2010

Saturday's Student Government retreat rocked my socks.

I woke up bright and early (what's new?) Saturday morning to help Ben and Sam prepare the Marshall Room in Christensen Center for a full day of fun (the retreat went from 10 A.M. to approximately 6:15 P.M.). We ate breakfast together (coffee and morning buns from St. Martin's Table, a enviro-conscious, social justice-oriented restaurant/bookstore close to Augsburg), and then hunkered down for a long day of learning and games.

I had to leave the retreat a little early to let Per out (where's a dog-sitter when you need one?). Once I got home, though, I became sick and passed out for two hours. My theory is that I was so excited, so hyper during the retreat that I forgot to eat. I had only a bun, a cup of coffee, and a single piece of pizza (albeit, a delicious piece from Pizza Luce) the whole day. That might sound sufficient, but with a metabolism like mine, that's not nearly enough to fuel my craziness.

Anyway, here is just a sampling of photos from the event, all courtesy of Paul Robison (the StuGov Public Relations Officer):

Playing the "Wa" game (WA! WA! WAAAA!)

Our little corner of fun. From left to right: Kelly Daugherty, Ashley Abbate, me (Ali Rapp), Alison Witt, Brittany Kruger, Jamie Krumenauer

Phil Hernandez taught us proper parliamentary procedure

Playing the "My friends ____" game outside

Ali (Rapp) and Alison (Witt)! We were partnered in an introduction-exercise. What did we learn about each other? Alison (Witt) hates mayo and animal print, and I love both those things. We have in common, however, our tendency to spill food all over ourselves.

Sam Smith (Day Student Body President) led us through an analysis of Student Government's mission statement and its goals for the year

The junior Senators convened to discuss issues important to their constituents. From left to right: Alison Witt, Tom Thao, Juve Meza, Brandy Hyatt

For the rest of the photos (there are a lot), check out Homemade's Flickr stream!

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