Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post-grad plans and other thoughts

I'm sick.
I don't think it's H1N1, but it's definitely more than seasonal allergies, which I get every year around this time. How do I know it's more? My body aches, my head feels like it could pop, and I had a fever (albeit, a small one) earlier. Mitch made me tomato soup for dinner, though, and I had a Naked juice, so I feel a little better in spirit, if nothing else.

Mighty Mango, my favorite Naked flavour

Living off-campus is interesting. I mean, Mitch and I have been off-campus since last April, but it never ceases to surprise and annoy me. Last night (around 3 A.M.), we had a group of drunk men outside our window. How they got back there, I have no idea, because our bedroom window faces another apartment building, and the space in-between is fenced in. About five minutes later, at least two drunk men were in our hall, pounding on our neighbor's door and dropping f-bombs. That lasted about a half hour. The drunk men finally left, but the damage was done--neither Mitch nor I slept well the rest of the night.

Today sounds like it's been a good one, no?

At least the things that matter to me are going well. I'm meeting with Dixie Shafer (head of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity) at the end of October to discuss my post-grad options. I have a lot of said options, but the hard part is, with two general majors under my belt (Comm. Studies and International Relations) and a lot of interests (politics, media...), picking something is difficult.

I met with Leah Spinosa de Vega earlier this week. I'm thinking about going abroad again, but nothing's official, so don't get excited. It was a lot easier to study in Japan for a month two summers ago than it will be to study in Japan for a semester next fall. I have an apartment now, and a dog, and unless I manage to score some pretty sweet study-abroad scholarships, my chances of actually going again are very, very slim. But it's exciting to think about.

Classes are going well. In Japanese, we're finally moving on to stuff I don't know, and my other two "regular" classes are cool beans (Political Patterns and Processes, and History of U.S. Foreign Relations). My fourth class, as you may know, is devoted to research--which also rocks. I did an initial thematic analysis of my Ocarina of Time notes earlier this week, and soon (today or tomorrow, actually), I'll be starting Wind Waker. Studying video games is a sweet gig, I know.

Go Link!

Tomorrow, our History of U.S. Foreign Relations class is having lunch with a delegation of Iraqi officials who are visiting Augsburg. We were instructed to not shake hands of anyone of the opposite gender, but my professor said pictures should be O.K., with the consent of the delegation. I'll do my best to take some pics for y'all to see, but don't count on it--if it seems like asking to take a picture would be rude, I won't do it.

So sleepy...

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