Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Imma busy beeeeee

Well, well, well. The summer is over (for all intents and purposes, though the weather doesn't seem to notice), and classes at Augsburg have begun once again. And with the start of this term's classes comes my perpetual state of busyness. I don't mind so much, really, but occasionally complaining is therapeutic.

I'm taking four/five/six classes this semester:These four/five/six courses will be my life for the next four months. Well, those courses plus Student Government (our first full meeting is tomorrow), Homemade (we're getting t-shirts soon! Yussss), and work (Comm. Studies desk and the Speakers Lab).

In other news, Per is doing great. He likes to eat things out of the bathroom garbage, and he occasionally munches on the drywall, but he's getting enormous, and someday he'll be a well-behaved mature dog. Mitch is also great. His hours got bumped up, and he's expecting a raise in the next week or so.

Mitch and Per snuggling.

I miss playing Pokemon, but I've been pretty diligent about doing my homework the day it's assigned, so maybe some Pokemon-ing is in my near future...maybe this weekend, even!

I love Luxray.

And Arcanine.

I'm as much of a political news junkie as ever. Got a question about the health-care debate? I've got your back. I'm aaaall over it. Otherwise, I don't think much has changed since the summer. I have a lot of neat experiences under my belt--most of them random--but I think it's sometimes the random, unplanned experiences that have the most effect on you.

Stay tuned to No, I Am a Cat for news on my life as a junior at Augsburg College.

At a Twins game with Mitch's cousin.

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Alan Juell said...

My pokemans, I need them.