Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lady Luck can be a bitch

Hello beloved readers! Long-time-no-see.
Because I can't fill you in to every itty bitty thing that's happened in the world of Ali since my last entry (and by last entry, I mean the last time an entry was about my life as a student here at Augsburg College), I'll do a bullet-point deal.

  • was turned down for what seems like an infinite number of internships, despite my flawless academic record (a cumulative 4.0 GPA) and experiences as a visible leader on-campus and in my departments.
  • cannot find an intellectually stimulating full-time job for the life of me. I give tours, and tutor, of course (and I love doing it), but with a puppy and an apartment to pay for, those very part-time jobs suffice only to cover those two expenses--with absolutely no money left over to pay off my computer and VISA bills.
  • learned, because of this continual hardship, to never again put all my eggs in one basket. You see, I fully intended to get an URGO grant to study gender representation in video games this summer; and I assumed that, with my outstanding record, I would have no problem securing a grant. I was wrong. And now I have nothing.
  • completed 100 hours of research for URGO (definitely not what I originally applied to do, but it was something), and compiled approximately fifty pages of notes from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • was taken to the emergency room, where I found out I had a viral infection attacking my joints--which explained my week-long total inability to move without severe pain. This, in turn, kept me from attending my last two Intercultural Communication classes--and from taking the final exam. Luckily (although I don't use that word very often anymore), my professor let me take it a few days after, and I nailed it (a perfect score).
I suppose that's it, really. Of course, I've had more fun that I let on, but when Lady Luck keeps kicking me even though I've been down and out for three months, it's the aforementioned kind of stuff that dominates my train of thought.
But the way I see it--the way I've come to expect life to be--sooner or later, Lady Luck will quit being such a bitch.

C'mon, gimme a break, will ya?


Silent Soliloquy said...

Awww, hun, I'm sorry things had to work out that way.
You are so strong.
Never forget that. :c
Everything will work out in your favor someday.

Mnemosyne said...

Thanks, dear. I know things will turn around soon enough, but one usually comes to expect a period of extreme unluckiness to last only a few days or so.
Maybe this means my period of luckiness will last just as long? Let's hope.