Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is this "vacation" of which you speak?

Did you say it's summer vacation?
I don't believe you.
Wanna know why?


Saturday, Mitch graduated. First, we attended the ceremony. After that, we went to a nice little Italian/pizza place in Plymouth with friends and family, and then Saturday night, we had the gang over for b-day cake (it was Mitch's birthday Friday).

Monday, I saw Mitch off on his trip with the Augsburg Concert Band to Romania (and after that's done, he's heading over to Italy for a few days).

Yesterday (Tuesday) was all about preparing for my interview with the City of Edina Communications Department. I printed off 5x7s and 8x10s of some of my best photography, and then a few things I've designed from scratch (such as the Homemade logo). In addition to putting all this stuff into a portfolio, I also studied my AP Stylebook.

Today was/is the big day. My interview was at 11 A.M. I am apparently one of three finalists, out of approximately 100 applicants! Which is neat, of course, but also adds another dollop of pressure to the whole ordeal. Now, not only am I waiting for my grades to come in, I'm also waiting for a phone call/email saying whether or not I got the internship. I want it so badly!

I just ate mac 'n' cheese, and Per is napping, so it's time for mine, too.
I'll keep you updated.

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