Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I like (dos) and dislike (uno)

These are fun. I feel like listing off some things I like (and, new for this second "I like" post, things I dislike). Maybe you'll find something of interest.
This is going to be a back-and-forth kind of deal. I'll list off one thing I like, and then one thing I dislike. READY SET GO.

I like Chrno Crusade. And no, that's not a spelling error. In the U.S., this manga/anime is sometimes referred to as "Chrono Crusade," but the original Japanese spelling of the title is with no extra "o." Anyway, Chrno Crusade is about a nun--yes a nun--in the roaring twenties--and her exorcist partner, the devil Chrno. I started reading/watching Chrno Crusade back in, oh I don't even know anymore--probably early 10th grade, but then I stopped, probably due to a lack of funds (I have the first four manga and the first four DVDs, but I got no farther than that). I started watching it again a few days ago after my friend Justin lent me the rest of the DVD series. I've finished it, naturally, and am now on my way to finally finishing the novels.
Anyway, this series is bad-ass. It's well written and not generic--something that seems difficult for the anime/manga world. My only warning is that although the series is undoubtedly sprinkled with humor, there are a lot of not-so-happy parts as well. For the last four or five episodes, I cried basically the whole time.

Rosette, a nun, and her partner--the "Sinner" Chrno.

I dislike Mickey Mousecapades, known in Japan as simply "Mickey Mouse." Mousecapades is a Famicom game my pal Cory brought back for me from his first trip to Japan. That was two years ago and I still haven't beaten the damn game. It's way too hard. And all I want to do is encounter Alice in Wonderland characters--is it too much to ask to get farther than the second level? To top it off, I haven't taken it out of my Famicom since I last played it--so it sits there, sneering at me the way only an inanimate object can.

I like Cherry 7Up. I don't drink a lot of soda--I mean, give me a cup of hot green tea and I'm a happy camper--but Cherry 7Up is baller. Baller good. Not that it's inherently different than any other soda I've ever drank, but it's tasty without being too sweet. That's a hard middle-ground for soda to reach. It even comes in an antioxidant form, so I feel better about drinking it than, say, Mt. Dew (which makes me sick).

Only, I don't condone drinking out of plastic bottles. That's bad for Earth.

I dislike Dick Cheney. He is an evil man. And that's coming from someone who thinks "good vs. evil" doesn't really exist. I honestly think Dick Cheney doesn't have a heart. The stuff coming out about him makes me want to throw up all over a statue of Lady Justice and then leave the country. I mean, there's evidence now that Cheney/Cheney's office pushed the idea of torturing prisoners to fabricate a link between Al-Qaeda and Iraq.
It's disgusting.


I'll end with one more "I like."
I like "texts from last night." It's a website that compiles people's most hilarious texts. Most of the texts have to do with sex and drinking, so the content is a bit mature, but it's sort of like "," in that it feels so good to know that other people have awkward lives too. Take, for example, these texts:
(518): I hraet yuo
(862): did you say you heart me or hate me?
(518): who is this?
(913): So she farted while we were having sex but I was afraid she would stop because she was emberessed so i just went ahead and took the blame and apologized
Gross, right? Gross, but hilarious. And don't get me wrong. I like to study and listen to Tchaikovsky in my spare time. But it's also fun, once in a while, to read about other people's shenanigans.

That's all for this installment of "Things I like." Stay tuned for the next No, I Am a Cat entry!

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corywins said...

Yay for that awful game! If I knew it was that hard I would have forgone it.

Wait, you made it to level two? You beat the first one? Holy crap. That's probably impressive enough.

I saw a boxed (actual, not clone) Super Famicom the other day for about $30. I kind of want it.