Saturday, May 30, 2009

There is No Such Thing as Energy; i.e. Quotes from Science, Technology, and Citizenship

"Good Communist potatoes."
-Professor Engebretson

"I think we need to agree on how we're going to use this banana."

"I just wanna throw some dead animals!"

"Is that a penis?"

"It's kind of fun to look at global catastrophes."
-Professor Kunz

"This is a new and exciting one!"
-Professor Butkowski on invasive species

"It looks like dynamite."
-Ali, about a part of the spinal cord
"It is."
-Professor Butkowski

"I'm never doing illegal drugs or anal intercourse again."

"My sister's going to be a dermatologist--she'll give me lots of Botox. It'll be OK."
-Jen, about tanning a lot

"There is no such thing as energy."
-Professor Engebretson, before giving us a lab on energy

"So should I have just put acid in my eye?"

"What about the Everglades?"
"Those are in Florida."
-Professor Kunz

"Can I leave ten minutes early?"
"I need a bribe."
-Professor Kunz

"Maybe in ten years, it won't be a duck's world."

"I think in the next iteration of this class, we should call it 'How to Be a Terrorist.'"
-Professor Kunz

"Let's go kick their butt!"
-Sam about Canada and their pollution
-Professor Butkowski

"You can find that online, too."
-Professor Kunz, about how to make bombs

"Now I feel like I'm back to terrorist class."
-Professor Kunz

"Maybe their species sucks."

"Rocks. [hysterical laughter]"
-Professor Butkowski

"I'm gonna phone-a-friend."
-Professor Butkowski, trying to answer a question

"We only behead two-time offenders."
-Tour guide

"How close are you to the chemical plant? The one that's going to burn down net week?"
-Professor Kunz
"You're just scaring people now."
"Yes, I am. [grin]"
-Professor Kunz

"Sooner or later, there's going to be a pandemic. It's just a question of whether or not this is the one."
-Professor Butkowski, trying to quell Sam's fears of the Swine Flu

"Press F7. That deletes everything."
-Professor Butkowski

"We have permission to skip this one."
-Professor Butkowski about a slide in his own presentation

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