Monday, April 6, 2009

Our new apartment

Yes, indeed-er-oonie, I moved. Last week. Er, I mean, last week and last weekend and on-and-off this week. Who knew moving took more than one day? Boo.

We (it's "we," because Mitch and I are on the lease together, and are, of course, we're physically living together) moved off-campus into the Whittier neighborhood. If you don't know where that is, think the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It's in that general area of Minneapolis.

So what have I noticed about living off-campus? Or, are you wondering which I like more?
Well, I haven't been off-campus long enough to truly know yet, but I can say that living off-campus is not necessarily always quieter. In fact, our apartment neighbors are certainly as noisy as our dorm neighbors were. On the other hand, at our apartment, we don't hear anything coming from outside--that is, there are no drunk college students throwing tennis balls at the walls. Which, trust me, will happen on every campus that doesn't outlaw fun. And some do, believe it or not. There are a few schools that don't allow dancing...or "homosexual activity," which is, of course, completely ludicrous.
Anyway, I love having what seems like infinitely more space. I also like: having a large fridge, having a large stove, having a clean bathroom, not sleeping and eating and doing everything else in one room, having somewhere proper to eat, that the love-seat's weird green color actually looks good in our living room, having a sink garbage disposal, having big windows that close...
Though, before I go off on an "off-campus living is the shiz" rant, (actually, maybe I just won't, at least, anymore than I already have), I want to advise all prospective students ("prospies") to live on-campus for at least two years. I probably still would (and I'm heading into my third year), if I wasn't sort of required to move off-campus (being that my fiance is graduating this spring and all).

OK, for your viewing enjoyment, I've included some pics (albeit, crappy ones) and a video of our new place. WOO NEW PLACE!

The view from our kitchen into our dinette

The kitchen

Our dinette. The table was my grandparent's. :O

Our living room

Our bed, a gift from my fabulous parents.

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Silent Soliloquy said...

Your place is, like, legitimately spacious! Impressive. I Russ and I should look into that neighborhood after next year.