Monday, April 20, 2009

One, two, buckle my dog's harness

I haven't forgotten my promise to write an entry entirely devoted to my new Shiba puppy, Per.
But for now, I'm going to tell you about my life since last time:

I'm officially still researching gender in video games this summer. I'm even getting paid! $1,000 for one month of research (May). And after May, I can continue my research (and of course, write a massive essay detailing my results and submit it to academic journals for publishing). It's gonna be great.

I'm also maybe/probably going to be the new Chief of Staff for the Smith/Krouse-Gagne administration (Sam Smith, as I've mentioned before, is the new Day Student Government President). Neat, huh? Sam and I are meeting tomorrow to discuss the specifics.

I'm not sure if I actually have HON 240 lab at 8 A.M. tomorrow, but I suppose I'd better go just in case. I've already missed one, and my professors cut me some slack (going to a small school, where professors care about you as an individual rocks), but A) I don't want to push their generosity, and B) I like learning. And if we end up not having lab, I'll just study until lecture at 11:50. I mean, I've got a final tomorrow!: in International Economics. This Tuesday, we've got our final test, and next Tuesday, we've got "negotiations," which means we assume the role of some international organization, etc. and negotiate with the other side of whatever argument we pick (though there are set disputes to choose from).
Oh my! I just realized I have three finals next Tuesday. I'm pretty sure I could get that changed (I've heard students are really only supposed to have, at most, two per day), but I've had to do three in a day once before, and I managed. And then, after Tuesday, I'm done for the year! Then I get to research and hopefully make money somewhere else (I'm waiting to hear back from another internship committee this Friday).

Mitch is getting antsy now. He's tired (and frankly, so am I. I have to wake up in six hours! Gross.). おやすみ! (That's "good night").

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