Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A not entirely comprehensive (but still massive) to-do list

It's that time again (time to, because my life is so hectic, create a to-do list). I like making these public, even if they aren't comprehensive, because I feel a little more obligated to make progress.
So here's another. The following are things I need to finish before May 1, which is Augsburg's last day of finals for the regular school term. ( "(X)" means completed.)
  • Have Bob Groven sign my Business and Professional Speaking add form.
  • Finish writing the HON 240 essay on the socio-economic consequences of trans fats.
  • Call my doc. (X)
  • Pay rent.
  • Prepare for and lead the end-of-the-year Homemade meeting. (X)
  • Maaaaaybe attend the Honors banquet. (X)
  • Get my hair done at Moxie this Saturday, at 3 P.M. (X)
  • Research for International Economics negotiations (something about GMOs...). (X)
  • Talk to Academic Advising about testing out of Public Speaking.
  • Figure out, definitively, when I'm going to present for my SCLE (Student Created Learning Experience). (X) Then actually present.
  • Write my SCLE final essay.
  • Fill out the scholarship app Deb gave me.
  • Fill out another scholarship app (no, I'm not telling you which one).
  • Table for Postcards to the President on Friday, April 24. (X)
  • Turn in Male Colors. It was due in the library over a month ago. (X)
  • Go to Target for various food/living items (I'm currently using Scotch tape instead of athletic tape for my bad finger). (X)
  • Study for my Tuesday, April 28 HIS 104 final exam (on current and past material).
  • Create my section of our HON 240 presentation by Tuesday, April 28. (X)
  • Listen to the convocation I missed and write a short report on it for HON 240.
  • Watch The Last Emperor and To Live for HIS 104.
  • Order Mitch's grad present. That is, give him $ or Euro for his trip to Europe.
  • Don't freak out.
That's all I've got for now. I'll officially stop adding to-dos after Friday (April 24). Any time before then, however, is fair game, so look for updates and help me keep my nose to the grindstone.

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