Thursday, April 16, 2009

My life is not a giant FML joke anymore

I have a puppy. But a separate post about him (Per) will come later. I promise. I just don't feel like uploading all the new videos we've taken tonight.

I WILL update you on everything else Ali.

Before this week, April was lousy (see Down on my luck, Jose the hero). This week, though, has turned around pretty well. That is, I'm still crazy busy--especially now that finals are in a week and a half--but my life is not a continuous FML moment anymore.

I applied for another big internship. I'm calling the guy in charge of collecting the applications tomorrow to make sure he received mine (I sent it in the mail, all fancy-like, in one of those plastic paper-holder-book-things).
I refuse to say where the internship is being offered, because I'm prideful, and if I didn't get that specific internship, I wouldn't want you to know. Don't be hatin'.

I also finished my HIS 104 (History of the Modern Non-Western World) essay on Kwame Nkrumah in the 1960s and what the American press said about him at the time. The essay was not the best I've ever written, but I finally finished, and I think I did a better job on the footnotes this time (footnotes are hard for me--I was exclusively taught MLA in high school), so I feel content about things in that respect.

Mitch is at the senior party tonight. Tomorrow night is the Spring Affair Dance, which I may or may not attend (I have a love-hate relationship with dances). Then, Saturday night, is the Spring Music Jam, which Mitch is basically totally responsible for. So if you're an Auggie or have an Auggie pal, I'd better see you there, ya hear?

That's all for now. I want Take the Cake ice cream.
Oh, BTW: Instead of writing an essay on my SCLE (Gender Representation in Kabuki: The Onnagata), I might do a presentation/seminar-type-thing instead. Neat, eh?

P.S. Sam Smith, a pal of mine, is the new Student Government President. おめでとう!

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