Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Imma tell you about April

I know I haven't blogged a lot this April. Please forgive me. You know it's very unlike me to neglect my duty as your devoted blogger--but April has been a royal mess for me. I mean to say, even after things stopped going really poorly, I was still scarily busy. Not even the fun kind of busy--it was legit and scary.
So in place of, well, a month's worth of entries, I now present to you: April in a nutshell--minus all the stuff you already know, like how I got my nose pierced.

*Mitch and I hosted Easter at our new apartment. We even dyed eggs!

*I'm officially the Day Student Government's Chief of Staff for the 2009-2010 school year. Woo!

* I'll still be doing research--just very part-time. URGO will be paying me $1,000 for my research in May, and after that, it's all for freeeee.

*I'm officially done with classes, minus a paper for my SCLE (Gender Representation in Kabuki Theater)--but Martha, my adviser, said I can turn that in after finals week (so it's due next week).

*My presentation on the aforementioned SCLE rocked. Approximately twenty people came, which is a pretty big showing for something like that. The classroom was packed!

The artwork I used for my presentation's fliers, etc. Look, it's an onnagata!

*I'm still available to intern, but as of today, I know for sure I have a second-round interview with the City of Edina's Communications Department (which is mighty exciting). It's next Wednesday, so keep your fingers crossed for me, eh?

I would add more, but Per just fell asleep, which means it's a good time for me to sneak in a nap. Until next time, loves!

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David Lapakko said...

You are a pretty amazing overachiever! You even manage (despite having lots of better things to do) to read the rants of a Contentious Introvert--thanks. (I do think that we may both be doomed as candidates for President, though--we're a little too open and "out there"!)